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Chosen People: What will God give Jews in Paradise?

"As you seed so shall you reap."
A boy who shook down apricots from a tree and ate them. The owner of the  orchard  caught  him  and  said,  “Aren’t  you afraid  of  God’s  punishment?” 
The  boy  said, “Why  should  I  be  afraid?  The  tree  belongs  to God,  and  I  am  God’s  servant.  God’s  servant  ate God’s fruit!”
The owner said, “Wait and see what answer  I  shall  give  you.  Fetch  a  rope,  tie  him  to this  tree  and  beat  him  until  the  answer  is  made clear!”
The boy said, “Aren’t you afraid of God’s punishment?”  
The   owner   answered,   “Why should  I  be  afraid?  You  are  God’s  servant,  and this  is  God’s  stick.  I  am  beating  God’s  servant with God’s stick!”

What is the moral of this story?
Whatever you do, whether good or evil, you will get accordingly. The world is for a man to perform either a Good or Evil deeds, and the resultant force of his deeds will brought him to the Heaven or Hell. This is somehow like an echo of the mountain. Thus, if  you  think,  “I will do evil and God will sanctioned a Heaven for me,” that is quite impossible. 

So the Answer of the Question in a single line shall be- "They will be rewarded according to their deeds."

And for Jews!!! do you not see how their Scribes and Pharisees, Priests and Levites corrupted the sacrifice of the Lord, God? To day those who come to sacrifice believe that God eats cooked flesh [in the manner of] a man.

They say to them: 'Bring your sheep and bulls and lambs to the Temple of your God, and do not eat it all, but give to your God a share of that which he has given you'; and they do not tell them of the origin of sacrifice, that it is for a witness of the life granted to the son of our father Abraham, so that the faith and obedience of our father Abraham, with the promises made to him by God and the blessing given to him, should never be forgotten.

But God says by Ezekiel the prophet: Remove from me these your sacrifices, your victims are abominable to me.’ For the time draws near when that shall be done of which our God spoke by Hosea the prophet, saying: I will call chosen the people not chosen.’ And as he says in Ezekiel the prophet: "God shall make a new covenant with his people, not according to the covenant which he gave to your fathers, which they did not and he shall take from them a heart of stone, and give them a new heart": and all this shall be because you do not walk now in his Law. And you have the key and do not open: rather you block the road for those who would walk in it."

Now we will answer your question. The question asked to tell what God will give Jews in paradise. Truly, those who  think of the wages, do not love the master. A shepherd who has a flock of sheep, when he sees the wolf coming, prepares to defend them; contrariwise, the hireling when he sees the wolf leaves the sheep and flees. If the God of their fathers were their God they would not have thought of saying: "What will God give them?" 

For a better understanding, we may start with a parable which is as follows-.

"There was a king who found by the wayside a man stripped by thieves;,who had wounded him to death. And he had compassion on him, and commanded his slaves to bear that man to the city and tend him, and this they did with all diligence. And the king conceived a great love for the sick man, so that he gave him his own daughter in marriage, and made him his heir. Now assuredly this king was most merciful; but the man beat the slaves, despised the medicines, abused his wife, spoke evil of the king, and caused his vassals to rebel against him. And when the king required any service, he was wont to say: "What will the king give me as reward?"

Now when the king heard this, what did he do to so impious a man?"
They replied: "Woe to him, for the king deprived him of all, and cruelly punished him."
So, I have to cite that Verse which God said to the Jews through His Prophet Isaiah: "I have nourished slaves and exalted them, but they have despised me."

"The king is our God, who found Israel in this world full of miseries, and gave him therefore to his servants Joseph, Moses and Aaron, who tended him. And our God conceived such love for him that for the sake of the people of Israel he smote Egypt, drowned Pharaoh, and discomfited an hundred and twenty kings of the Canaanites and Madianites; he gave him his laws, making him heir of all that [land] wherein our people dwells.

"But how does Israel bear himself? How many prophets has he slain; how many prophecies has he contaminated; how has he violated the Law of God: how many for that cause have departed from God and gone to serve idols, through their offence, O you Jews! And how do you dishonor God with your manner of life! And now you asked: "What will God give us in paradise?" You ought to have asked: What will be the punishment that God will give you in hell; and then what you ought to do for true penitence in order that God may have mercy on you? And Jesus came to them only to answer this, and he will answer of this to them again when he will return to this earth.

And it is not adulation from me, but truth. So, without hardening they should repent and turn to God even as their fathers did after sinning.

 "O Jews!! You desire horses like knights, but you desire not to go forth to war: you desire fair clothing like women, but you desire not to spin and nurture children; you desire the fruits of the field, and you desire not to cultivate the Earth; you desire the fishes of the sea, but you desire not to go a fishing; you desire honour as citizens, but you desire not the burden of the republic; and you desire tithes and first fruits as priests, but you desire not to serve God in truth

What then shall God do with you, seeing you desire here every good without any evil? 
So, it can be conclude that God will give Jews- His Chosen People a place where they will have every evil without any good."

The End.
Not Yet Verified.

Source: Gospel of Barnabas.

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