Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Qiyamah: The Horrible Sign at the End of the Days.

Jesus, one of the Prophet of God, sent to the house of Israel for the health of the feeble and the correction of sinners,. He did not died but God lifted him to Heaven. The wicked men who after his departure from the world annulled the truth of his gospel by the operation of Satan. But he will return towards the end, and with him will come Enoch and Elijah, and they will testify against the wicked, whose end shall be accursed.
Before that day, great destruction shall come upon the world, for there shall be war so cruel and pitiless that the father shall slay the son, and the son shall slay the father by reason of the factions of peoples. Wherefore the cities shall be annihilated, and the country shall become desert. Such pestilences shall come that none shall be found to bear the dead to burial, so that they shall be left as food for beasts.

To those who remain upon the earth God shall send such scarcity that bread shall be valued above gold, and they shall eat all manner of unclean things. That shall be a period of time, in which scarce any one shall be heard to say: "I have sinned, have mercy on me, O God"; but with horrible voices they shall blaspheme Him who is glorious and blessed for ever. After this, as that day draws near, for fifteen days, shall come every day a horrible sign over the inhabitants of the earth.

-The first day the sun shall run its course in heaven without light, but black as the dye of cloth; and it shall give groans, as a father who groans for a son near to death.
-The second day the moon shall be turned into blood, and blood shall come upon the earth like dew.
-The third day the stars shall be seen to fight among themselves like an army of enemies.
-The fourth day the stones and rocks shall dash against each other as cruel enemies.
-The fifth day every plant and herb shall weep blood.

-The sixth day the sea shall rise without leaving its place to the height of one hundred and fifty cubits, and shall stand all day like a wall.
-The seventh day it shall on the contrary sink so low as scarcely to be seen.
-The eighth day the birds and the animals of the earth and of the water shall gather themselves close together, and shall give forth roars and cries.
-The ninth day there shall be a hailstorm so horrible that it shall kill [such] that scarcely the tenth part of the living shall escape.
-The tenth day shall come such horrible lightning and thunder [such] that the third part of the mountains shall be split and scorched.

-The eleventh day every river shall run backwards, and shall run blood and not water.
-The twelfth day every created thing shall groan and cry.
-The thirteenth day the heaven shall be rolled up like a book, and it shall rain fire, so that every living thing shall die.
-The fourteenth day there shall be an earthquake so horrible that the tops of the mountains shall fly through the air like birds, and all the earth shall become a plain.
-The fifteenth day the holy angels shall die, and God alone shall remain alive; to whom be honour and glory."

When these signs be passed, there shall be darkness over the world forty years, God alone being alive, to whom be honour and glory forever.
The End.
Not Yet Verified.

Gospel of Barnabas.

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