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al-Baqarah: The Disputed Murder and the Yellow Cow.

Abu Hena Mostafa Kamal
20 Feb. 2017
The 2nd chapter of the Holy Qur'an is named al-Baqarah. This is so named because in this chapter God describes an incidence that happened at the time of Prophet Moses. Citing this incident, Prophet Muhammad warn his Sahaba's as-

[On the authority of Abu Hurairah]: I heard Rasulullah say: "What I have forbidden to you, avoid; what I have ordered you [to do], do as much of it as you can. It was only their excessive questioning and their disagreeing with their Prophets that destroyed those who were before you." -[Bukhari, Muslim, Nawawi].

The detailed story as follows-
Among the children of Israel, there was a rich man, who had a beautiful daughter. The man's heir was his nephew- a vagabond. The nephew wanted to marry his cousin sister, but his uncle denied. So the nephew went to Pythia and seek her advice. The Pythia told him- "Your uncle will not die soon, so if you want to marry her, you have to kill your uncle." She also instructs him how to kill and how to be safe from the accusation of the murder.

One day, the rich man was found dead near the residential area of a tribe of Bani Israel. There were many speculations regarding the motive of the murder, but nobody could figure out whodunnit.

The relatives of the rich man including his nephew started searching for the murderer, but they still could not trace him. It was a law, that if anyone killed near a city and the murdered would not be traced, then the city dweller shall pay the blood-money. With this law, the nephew demanded the blood-money to the nearby tribe's men. But they denied, saying: "We are not the murderer." they trying to get rid of the evidence.

Killing someone among the Israelites was something extremely horrible. So, the incident that grew a harsh discord became into a harsh argument which made a war situation between the two tribes of the Israelis. And then a wise man said to them, "Why you will kill each other when a Prophet of God among you? Go to him, may be he will solve this with the help of God."

So both parties came to Moses and appealed to him to resolve the dispute. The nephew of the victim demanded revenge, but his claims have been turned down due to the lack of witnesses. On the other hand, before Moses all parties were equal. And still, there was no evidence for issuing a verdict on the matter and also by that time the possibility of resolving a dispute by making the parties give an oath has not been revealed yet. However, Moses takes some time, then he told them to slaughter a cow.

The Jews thought that he is making fun of them as they always do that to Moses, Actually, they love to do that, but fun with them at this time, when the matter so serious!! They resentment boiled over: "We brought to you a dead man and you say that we should slay a cow? Are you mocking at us? What does the cow have to do with that?” 

They thought that the decision of God did not correspond with their concern. How could they comprehend the wisdom concealed in that decision? Or maybe they confronted Moses not trusting his words. However, Moses replied- "God forbid that I should be among the foolish!" he insisted, “I am quite serious, this is the will of God.” 
Now they believed that the order was serious, so, they politely asked him to tell God to be more specific. And Moses clarified, "It should be a handsome yellow cow."

There are plenty of handsome yellow cows around, pick one and sacrifice. But no, the Jews showed their nature again, as they so often are. So they want Moses to tell God to tell him to tell them what specific kind of cow He wants for a sacrifice.  Because all cows look the same to them.

Yellow Heifer
Is it true that the Jews want to solve this case? It seems to, Then why they became whine now? So God wanted to treat them accordingly.

Woh! you want to solve something that is out of your knowledge. Ok, boys be ready to pay its price. It is because, free things never be valued to anyone, by the way, do you ever find someone who thanks God for Sunlight, Moonlight, Water, Air or the Soil that keeps people alive?

So God comes back with the list of everything that he wants this special cow to be. And this time, it is too demanding and too picky that perfectly fitted for the whiny Jews.  Then when they find that the details of the cows already given and they have nothing to ask, they said to Moses, “Now you have brought us the truth.” 

In the Qur'an, the cow story went down, as thus- And when ye slew a man and disagreed concerning it and Allah brought forth that which ye were hiding. -'[2:72]

When Moses said to his people: “God demands that you sacrifice a cow,”
They said: “Are you making fun of us?”
And he said: “God forbid that I be of the ignorant.”
“Call on your Lord for us,” they said, “that He might inform us what kind she should be.” 
“Neither old nor young says God, but of age in between,” answered Moses. “So do as you are bid.”
“Call on your Lord,” they said, “to tell us the color of the cow.”
“God says,” answered Moses, “a fawn colored cow, rich yellow, well pleasing to the eye.”
“Call on your Lord,” they said, “to name its variety, as cows are all alike to us. If God wills we shall be guided aright.”
And Moses said: “He says it’s a cow unyoked, nor worn out by ploughing or watering the fields, one in good shape with no mark or blemish.” 
“Now have you brought us the truth,” they said; -[2:67-71]

Then the Jews went out in search of such a cow. The only one that matched the description was the one owned by the orphaned youth. They met him on the way and asked the price for which he would sell his cow. He told them he would have to consult his mother first, so they accompanied him to his house and offered her three gold coins. She refused their offer, saying that the cow was worth much more.

They went on increasing their offer and the mother kept on refusing. Finally, they urged the son not to speak to his mother and to be reasonable. He told them: "I will not sell the cow without my mother's approval, even if you offered me its skin filled with gold!"

On hearing this, his mother smiled and said: "Let that be the price: its skin filled with gold."
They realized that no other cow would do; they had to have it at any price. They agreed to buy the cow and promised to pay its skin filled with gold.

They brought the cow to Moses and we already said that they believed Moses, after all that mind games that they played going back and forth with their Lord. No more whining now, they just do it- sacrificed the cow. Then God commanded that the victim should be touched by a part of the cow’s body- a chunk of beef.

"What happened then?"
Wow, just wow.  Imagine if all of this actually happened. You’d have all these Jews slapping a corpse with bloody chunks of beef, but those [since there is no God -those are atheist may be thought this] believe Moses is not from God and since people do not come back from the dead, nothing to happen. So they are now ready to do it.

Oh, let the Jews take a chunk of beef and slap the dead again and again. Wahoo, yes, they just do it and then it happened.
"What happened?"
The miracle, yes the miracle happened, the dead guy comes back to life as soon as the piece of beef touches him. Then he told the Jews who was the guy that killed him. Qur'an says- And We said: Smite him with some of it. Thus Allah bringeth the dead to life and showeth you His portents so that ye may understand. -'[2:73]

Now, we will see, what the Jewish sacred books said to this special "Yellow Heifer". According to Jewish tradition, a "Red Heifer" [The Yellow Cow, is basically the same as the Red Cow of the Bible. The Jew make it red or God just forgot the color? we do not know what the Jew would comment about this.] is a female cow that is three years of age with a particular reddish hue and cannot have even two hairs of any other color. It cannot be used for any type of labor and must be blemish free. The biblical commandment regarding the Red Heifer can be found in the Book of Numbers and is considered as the only antidote to the state of impurity brought on by death.

“The emergence of the Red Heifer is not some mystical miracle,” elucidated Rabbi Richman. “It is a practical development alongside Torah knowledge and science.”

The Red Heifer (Hebrew: פָרָ֨ה אֲדֻמָּ֜ה‎‎; para adumma), also known as the red cow, was a cow brought to the priests as a sacrifice according to the Hebrew Bible, and its ashes were used for the ritual purification of Tum'at HaMet ("the impurity of the dead"), that is, an Israelite who had come into contact with a corpse.

Then what? Do you think the dead comes back to life and began to live with his family again?
No, a dead can't eat, drink or breath. The Truth is, as Moses and Jesus are both human, they have no power to do it, but as a prophet, God gave them a temporary power to show a Sign in favor of God only to establish God's Essence. This is the cause- the Israelis died again and none of the scriptures let you know what happened to "Lazarus" after coming back to life [Though you will find some stupid, who will say Lazarus ended his second earthly life at Cyprus in 63 CE]. Only God Possess this Power [see below the incident of 70 Israelis]. Thus, in this case, we can say that the dead back to life temporarily only to reveal the killer. Actually, he only pronounced: “I was killed by my nephew.” something like this and then the dead man became silent again.

Then the story goes its own way. The truth showed up. And as the killer was known by the clue that could not be denied because it is a truthful testimony that God made it as He makes the non-living things speak to show the truth of the hands of His prophet, so what the Jews should do? They should kiss the killer?

No, a cold blooded murderer has no right to live. Murder a human in a cool blood is the greatest crime in the eyes of God, This crime will make a man huge loser in the hereafter even if you find him a Mumim in his earthly life.

Thus God prescribe to kill the murderer publicly in front of God's house after prayer, so that people may not hate the killer but understand the works of Satan, who successfully influenced the man to kill the victim and makes him looser in both the worlds- a hateful punishment in this world and a promise of more hateful punishment in the hereafter.

So, the Jews killed the man. And thus they got rid of a great anarchy which they never did see before, This is what God is saying: "Thus God bringeth the dead to life and showeth you His portents so that ye may understand." 
And from then all nephews lost their inheritance from their uncle.

When pondering over the miracles of God, one is caught in admiration. The mysteries of the world cannot be fully disclosed by anybody but God. Hasn’t there been another way to find out who the murderer was? Was the only way to do that to make a dead man speak? Could a slaughtered cow make a dead man alive by itself? No, the Creator of Heaven and Earth was the real cause for that and it happened solely according to His will.

Look, how obeying the will of God makes a piece of meat of a slaughtered animal capable of performing such things! How can one ignore that it was God’s will that made the slaughtered cow the means of making the dead man speak?

If one comprehends that one should also recognize that the cow was nothing more than a means. The cow by itself cannot be regarded as a deity. Those who worship God should know Him and not confuse the means with Him Who causes it to come into being. To comprehend this simple truth, one does not have to possess great wisdom and knowledge.

NB: You may read the following article for more entertainment-- The Blessed Cow of the Children of Israel  

The End.
Not Yet Verified.

# Someone asked me, "Oh Bro, the Jews Killed a Man Because He was Certified by a Dead Man?"
@ I said, "We already said in our article that when the truth showed up and the killer was known by the clue that could not be denied because it is a truthful testimony that God made it as He makes the non-living things speak to show the truth of the hands of His prophet, then who to disagree? Do you not understand that was a Prophetic era, not an era of Science and Technology like our days.

And, why you are astonishing with this?
Ahmed Ali, who wrote a translation of the Holy Qur'an, is not he a total pussy? We are not going to explain here how he sneaks things in with parentheses to skew the text one way or another. Why we? Do you not see, how he tried to justify that entire one woman is equal to half a man thing by saying it’s because women suck in business matters?

Well, he does again, folks. This is his version of the same Quranic verses that we use above:

"Remember when you killed a man and blamed each other for the deed, God brought to light what you concealed. We had pronounced already: “Slay (the murderer) for (taking a life).” Thus God preserves life from death and shows you His signs that you may understand."- [2:72-73]

So, why to blame Jews?

# Another asked, "Bro, What is the Significance of This Story?"
I said, This story not teaches us that God can perform Miracles. It just shows us the nature of Jews and understanding Gods Essence.

"A Leopard does not change its Spots."
Similarly, Jews can't change their nature. Thus it follows- "Dealing with Jews bears no fruits." And surely, it will be extremely tiresome to make any kind of negotiation with them. They made Moses cry his heart out- "May God makes their Hearts Bleed."
"Cool bro,"
Sure, I am not in a bad temper.

Actually, here, the above story is- Some one of the Jew, killed another Jew and then tricks with the God's law that made a war situation between two tribes of the Israelis. And when they were failed to figure out- whodunnit, they came to Moses to solve the case ie. they came to him to know, who the killer is. And, Moses said to them, “God demands that you sacrifice a cow,”

Now, it is God's order, so, what are you expect from a nation those are God's chosen people? They at once ready to do it, is not it?
But, no! It's Jew- a thing, because of their stubbornness, they start negotiating.
“Call on your Lord for us,” they said, “that He might inform us what kind she should be.”
So, Moses asked his Lord another time and came back to them with the answer, “Neither old nor young, says God, but of age in between,” he continued. “So, do as you are bid.”

These words are quite clear, the cow required is neither too old nor too young but middling between the two. So, it was obligatory on their part to sly a cow that fitted this description. But they were Jew, who become habituated to disobey Gods order- that is they are a habitual transgressor.

"Habitual Transgressor?"
Look, when Moses went to the mountain Tur [a mountain on the bank of Red Sea in the Arabian desert] to bring the law book of God, the Jew made a golden calf, as their god and guider and worshiped. Do you ever find any cows to worship a calf?
But the Jews did that.

And, when Moses present the book of God to them, they said, "O, Moses, how do we know that it is from God? It may possible that you have written that book but telling us that it's from God?"
He said, "O my people, why do you harm me while you certainly know that I am the Messenger of God to you?"
They said, "We can't take this as a book of God without any proof, Surely, we never do such unless otherwise God Himself tell us that it is His book."
Moses thought it would be a messy situation if he brought six hundred thousands people to that holy place, so he said, "Then, select your leader, who shall be the witness."

They select 70 [six from each tribe] men and Moses and Aron brought them to the place as instructed by God. And, He speaks to them. His "Ten Commandments" echoed equally from each side. The Jews heard this Voice, which was clear and loud. And their eyes moving around them in each direction but they seeth nothing- no one. So they said to Moses, "Show us Allah outright," -[4:153]

No one can see God with their eyes as He is not living in our world. So, when they said, "O Moses, we will never believe you until we see Allah outright";
Yeah, this is why we called them transgressor.
Then, a thunderbolt took them while they were looking on.

When Moses came back to his sense, he found them dead. He cried to his Lord, "My Lord, if You had willed, You could have destroyed them before and me [as well]. Would You destroy us for what the foolish among us have done? This is not but Your trial by which You send astray whom You will and guide whom You will. You are our Protector, so forgive us and have mercy upon us, and You are the best of forgivers. And decree for us in this world [that which is] good and [also] in the Hereafter; indeed, we have turned back to You." 
[God] said, "My punishment - I afflict with it whom I will, but My mercy encompasses all things." So I will decree it [especially] for those who fear Me and give zakah and those who believe in Our verses -[7:155-56]

"And, what did God do then?"
That is what Qur'an says- Then We revived you after your death that perhaps you would be grateful. -[2:56]
Thus, when they return, said, "What Moses said is true, surely it is His Book." Yet the situation improved nothing, though those 70 men tried their best to convince them. The Jews, yah, they were still arrogant. And for the 1st time in the history of mankind, they trick to play with Gods law.

Korah [Qarun in the Qur'an]- a Levite, arguing that it is impossible to endure laws instituted by Moses. He said, "O you Jew! Don’t you see those laws that Moses made in the name of God, shall rich the priests only? And will make all of us in a few years to beg to the door of Aaron, the Priest? He then explains laws of Moses with the following parable [made by cut-pesting some of God's laws]:

"A widow, the mother of two young daughters, had a field. When she came to plow it, Moses told her not to plow it with an ox and an ass together -(Deut. 22:10); when she came to sow it, Moses told her not to sow it with mingled seeds -(Lev. 19:19). At the time of harvest, she had to leave unreaped the parts of the field prescribed by the Law -(Lev. 23:22), while from the harvested grain she had to give the priest the share due to him. -(Lev. 23:10)

The woman sold the field and with the proceeds bought two sheep. But the first-born of these she was obliged to give to Aaron the priest, and at the time of shearing he required the first of the fleece also -(Deut. 18:4). The widow said: 'I can not bear this man's demands any longer. It will be better for me to slaughter the sheep and eat them.' But Aaron came for the shoulder, the two cheeks, and the maw -(ib. verse 3). The widow then vehemently cried out: 'If thou persistest in thy demand, I declare them devoted to the Lord.'

Aaron replied: 'In that case, the whole belongs to me' -(Num. 18:14), whereupon he took away the meat, leaving the widow and her two daughters wholly unprovided for" -(Num. R. 18:2-3; Tan., Korah, 4-6).

"Now, O my people!", Korah said, "Do you want to believe these laws that will make you a dime-less beggar within a few years like the widow, but riches Aaron, the Priest, are from God?
No, surely not, Moses himself has written those for you, O my people! they want to steal your wealth only to make themselves wealthiest".

So, when Moses ordered the Israelis to take the book, they said, "O Moses! “We can't take the book.”
Moses said, "Do you want to say that the book is not from God after 70 of your leader certify and bear witness that it is from God?"
They said, “We can't take the book. as its laws are difficult to obey."
They demand to change the scripture.

What should God do?
He Himself talked to them [so that they shall be judged in future by other people], told them, "Take what We have given you with determination and listen."
600,000 [it is 603,550 as per Numbers 1:46; and we need not verify these nos. logically, as it is not a factor here] Israelis hear this words of God with their own ear. And, what do you expect from a situation like this?
"Yet, only a few of them believe!"
No, not so. They all replied, "We hear and we disobey."

Now, what is appropriate for God to do with them? Is there anything left for Him that He may do for His chosen people except saying, "Take it, O My People or My Wrath may perish you, as We perish them before you, those were Transgressor,"
Now, say, God killed them all, then, would you expect anyone among the human, those are wise [as we may not consider those are stupid's] will blame God in future or in the day of Judgement?
You are wrong. You may not find anyone in this world among the human because, they unable to use 100% of their brain, but in future, some supercomputer will show different when it will analyze this type of situation. Consider a case that it showed a result that is contradictory, say, either a pause or answered both "yes" and "no" [IT professionals may now understand this "TEST" as it's a well known test of Computer Science, CSE], even, you will find some human another way blaming God in the day of Judgement when their brain will work 100% for memorizing all that they have done in their earthly life, shall surely asked God, "You are God, why not You did something at that time with your Godly power to correct us?"

So, an Ethical God, Who is Wisest, Most Merciful, can not leave a job that may lead a question towards Him ever, even when human shall use their 100% brain. Thus, God did a thing that is not a part of human function but only His Power [time-based]. He ordered angel Gabriel to raise the mountain over them. Qur'an says “And when We raised the mountain above them as if it was a dark cloud and they were certain that it would fall upon them, [and Allah said], "Take what We have given you with determination and remember what is in it that you might fear Allah ." -(7:171)
Now, we will enquire what the Jews did in that situation.

At that time, the Jews found themselves in a critical position which they never thought of, this time they feared and realized without the tiniest doubt that the mountain going to put them to an end. At that point, at the edge of death and life, they gave "WORDS" to their Lord that they will obey Him and His laws.

But the later history says the exact opposite. We find, they again trick with the Gods law. It was a Jewish tradition of Sabbath that they are not allowed to work or do business in the Sabbath day ie. Saturday. So, they began to play tricks. In the Sabbath day, they put their net in the water but catch the fish next day. By doing this, they thought they were bypassing the God's law. According to ibn Kathir, "They began using deceitful means to avoid honoring the Sabbath by placing nets, ropes and artificial pools of water for the purpose of fishing before the Sabbath. When the fish came in abundance on Saturday as usual, they were caught in the ropes and nets for the rest of Saturday. During the night, the Jews collected the fish after the Sabbath ended."

"What is, that God said to them?"
He punished them. Qur'an says,- So when they were insolent about that which they had been forbidden, We said to them, "Be apes, despised."-[7:166]
Why not? You prohibit something for somebody and they are disobeying you again and again. Is this not the nature of mad and monkey?
But a mad cannot be considered punishable, even they are not capable to understand punishment. So? Be Apes with a human brain!
"O, my God! It's severe in nature."
"But you said Monkey."
Oh yah, and then I thought Monkey may not fit with a human. Or they fit?
"I dunno. Leave that, and tell me, exactly what is said in the Qur'an in this regard?"
This is what Qur'an said, "Ask them concerning the town standing close by the sea. Behold! they transgressed in the matter of the Sabbath. For on the day of their Sabbath, their fish did come to them, openly holding up their heads, but on the day they had no Sabbath, they came not: thus did We make a trial of them, for they were given to transgression." -[7:163]

So, what do you say? If you replace Jews with the worst animal, will they do that? This is the reason that some people believe- Jews possess inherently evil traits, they are treacherous, corrupt, deceitful and unfaithful by nature. Their “attributes” and traditions are presented by the scriptures as the unchangeable nature. However, what we are telling- the cow story of  the Qur'an___

After knowing what kind the cow should be, they proceeded as- “Call on your Lord,” they said, “to tell us the color of the cow.”

This is most strange, a color of the cows! No, we would not resort to people rather we should consult with cows in this matter, "O cows, is it acceptable? Is it sound? What is the value that lurks behind knowing the color of a cow?"
The cows are not answering. How could they? So it's better we asked ourselves.
Is not all cows are the same in the sight of everyone? Are we ever shown any interest in the color of a cow? If not, then what is the most urgent need that makes Moses go to God to ask Him about the color of the cow?

Moreover, look at the way they addressed- “Call on your Lord,”  It is as if He is the Lord of Moses only and not theirs. Is there anything that could be more haughty or disobedient than this? In spite of being hot-tempered, the patient and generous Moses went on to get answers from God to their useless questions.
“God says,” answered Moses, “a fawn colored cow, rich yellow, well pleasing to the eye.”

What do you think, the matter is over now? Oh no! there is still some disputes, the Jews told Moses, “Call on your Lord,” they continued, “to name its variety, as cows are all alike to us. If God wills we shall be guided aright.”

Wow! After all that was said and all the previous descriptions, still, the Jews did not know what kind of cow that should be! How amazing! Ha, Ha, Ha, my side is about to burst, my belly is about to explode. Hah, Hah, Hah. Surely. if they were cows, they would not behave in the same way.

Now, tell me, what is appropriate for God to treat this Jews?
"Surely, the treat should be transcendent the limit of logic, usual thinking, and behavior."
Yah! and this is the cause that God said, "Smite him with some of it."

And when they did that, the dead comes back to life. Then they asked him about his killer and he told them who was the guy that killed him. This is what God reminds us- "Thus Allah bringeth the dead to life and showeth you His portents so that ye may understand." -[2:73]

Now, o my friend, you asked me- what is the significance of this story?
Then what I have to say, do you really understand anything from this story?
"Not actually."
Ok leave it, we will explain.

The Jews do not obey Gods but repeatedly tricks with His laws to gain themselves. This story telling us such things.

Killing human is prohibited in the Jewish law, yet a Jew killed a man to have his daughter and his Wealth and then tricks to have blood money too.
Look! What a perception! Wow... !! Triple gain from one business? Nah, I like Jews.
"Me too."
"Because they do not know how to lose in Business. They engaged themselves in Business if profitable even when that is prohibited. You know,  they raise pigs!"
No. I dunno, really. I only know they lend money [with interest] for business. However, what we are telling- This intelligent man, brought the dead to his neighbor tribesmen area so that he may accuse them of murder and may demand the blood money according to the laws of God. So, what God shall do?
He wanted to teach them this-

"O Jews! you are alive, your brains are still working, yet you are not capable to find the truth from a dead man, while you are eager to know the color of the cows from your Lord! 
O Jews! an animal that is lower grade than you, and even when it is dead, shall able to bring-out the truth from a dead man if God wishes." 

Now, what ever may be the situation, will a Jew ever able to blame God?

You are wrong again, it is because you forget humans are created as free willed. Thus, they surely will lie even at that time when they shall stand in front of their Lord.
Consider that situation.

The Jews and Christians denying Muhammad in the day of judgment standing in front of their Lord. Do you think what they are doing! The man who should be known to every creature of God, yet a portion of a human, the best of His creation do not know him. And they complained to their Lord God against their Prophets, those are God's representatives, that they didn't perform their jobs well, they didn't do what they should have to do. Thus because of their fault "the Messiah to the Mankind" unknown to them.
"What a lie! Imposing falsehood on Prophets!"
Yah, this would be the case. However, what should be the perfect for God to do in that situation?
He Smiles, His Gage directly to Moses and then to Jesus.

And they recalled the covenant God made with them before sending the human to the earth. "And when Allah took a covenant from the Prophets: 'This is the Book and the Wisdom which I have given you. But should a Prophet come to you confirming that which is already with you, you shall believe in him and shall help him. So saying, Allah asked: 'Do you agree and accept to take up the "BURDEN of the covenant"?' 
They answered: 'We agree,' 
He said: 'Then bear witness, and I will be with you among the witness. -[Qur'an, 3:81]

Do you consider the mental condition of the prophets at that time?
Moses shaking -the autistic man fails to utter a single word.

So God will say to Jesus, "O Son of Mary," He continued "What do you say? Do you not bear witness? Do you not preach to them Gospel?"
Jesus will say exactly that is written in the Qur'an. ie. he will say, "I said to them", taking a breath he continued, "O children of Israel, indeed I am the Messenger of Allah to you confirming what came before me of the Torah and bringing good tidings of a messenger to come after me, whose name is Ahmad." -[Qur'an 61: 6].

God will say, 'O Jesus son of Mary, did you say to people, 'Take me and my mother as two gods instead of God,?' 
He will reply, 'Glory be to You - it Was not for me to say what I had no right to say! If I ever said that, then You would certainly know it. You know what is in me, and I do not know what is in You - surely it is only You Who knows what is hidden. I only told them what You commanded me - to, ''Worship God, my Lord, and your Lord."' and while I dwelt among them I was a watcher over them, and when You took me up, then You were a Watcher over them - and You watch over everything." -[Qur'an 5: 116-117].

Consider the scene. The Christian Lord God, reciting verses of Qur'an in front of the whole mankind. Drama.

But, Muslims can't let their prophet Moses or Jesus to be ashamed, even when they shall stand in front of their Lord by the Jews or Christians. So, they shall shout loudly -


God, the Most Merciful, Most Fair in Judgement sited in His Throne as Judge of Bani Adam.
He will ask Muslims to prove themselves. And then they shall recite that they memorized in their earthly life.

Now, you may understand why 71% of the Qur'an dealing with Myths, ancient histories of the Ad, or the She-Camel of Samud and all those that "Muhammad, the FALSE PROPHET [?]" stolen [?] from the Jewish and Christian Scriptures, which still you may find in their Talmud, or Apocrypha.

But the interesting thing is that the illiterate prophet fails to copy [?] those properly, you will find this True [?] if you carefully investigate this subject. However, those are Muslims, all of them are the same kind of stupid [?] as their Prophet. They still believe in him and his Qur'an with all those Myths and memorizing those garbage blindly, in an era when people are going to live in Mars.
Is not this most interesting and amusing?

Do you find the game?
"What game?"
That Satan made as a Producer, where, Jews and Christians are the main role Actors?
"What do you mean?"
I mean, he creates a repulsive force surrounding them to keep them unchanged, which is nothing but "Mind Game" that may not permit them to change even if they wanted to.
Do you not see those Practical Challenges for the Jews or Christian those may want to believe in Qur'an- would face now or shall face in future?
"O my God!"
Yah! Their own made NEON signboards that glowing lights all over the Christian World, should laugh at them.
"Wow! I should salute Satan. But, what is not clear to me.."
"That those signboards actually read."
It reads- "Muhammad, whom they believed as the Messiah to the Mankind, is actually nothing but a PEDOPHELIC, Yet those STUPIDS are not Shamed, but Enjoying themselves with a Dream to have 70 HURIES in their fucking Heaven."

Note: This is just answer of a question that we Muslims honestly believe as True [as it is fully Qur'an based], but it is possible that we fail to describe all those situations properly [as we need to jump in some places, considering the length] and with our little English. We apologize if anyone hurts, because of our presentation in this way. But you may admit that "A TRUTH ALWAYS HURTS". However, it is our duty to clarify us and to clarify that you need to know [if any]. Anyone want to ask us any Questions? Then feel free to ask. We are now ready to answer any of your question related to this article.

# Another asked me, "Bro, this is an interesting Game, isn't it? Then why should you not sell this plot to some Game Designing Company, when you have some options to earn some "$" ?"

@ I said, "Like JEWS? HAHAHA..."

Look, when the Jews replied to God, "We hear and we disobey."
Then Gabriel raised the mountain over them [as we said before]. At that point, they gave "WORDS" to their Lord that they will obey Him and His laws.
And, then God made a Covenant with them which was included with this advice - And believe in what I have sent down, confirming that which is with you [Torah], and be not the first to disbelieve therein, and buy not with My Verses a small price (i.e. getting a small gain by selling My Verses), and fear Me and Me Alone. And do not mix the truth with falsehood or conceal the truth while you know [it]. And establish prayer and give zakah and bow with those who bow [in worship and obedience].- [al-Baqarah, 2:41-42]

And the Jewish Rabbi's were in charge of the Torah. Then how it changed? Do you understand why the verse during covenant warns them such in advance? And, what happened later so that a Book of God [Torah] takes today's form? And why Jesus raised his finger to those Rabbis??

"buy not with My Verses a small price (ie. getting a small gain by selling God's Verses), and fear Me and Me Alone. And do not mix the truth with falsehood or conceal the truth while you know [it]." 

 And now you tell me to do what the Jews did in their past? HAHAHAA...


[N.B: a. Article produced with the help of
-my Active Brain [Controlled/supervised]
-my Scattered Soul/Mind [Uncontrolled/unsupervised]
b. We/Us means we Muslims [in/c prophets between Adam and Muhammad]/Me with the Words Power of God/When I hope my intention is inline with the intention of God.]

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