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The Fix: Fixing the Real World Problems.

Solving a real world problem is too tough. Because people demands a lot. You shall never able to satisfy all of their demand even when they may special. For example, Jews were once chosen by God as His People, yet Jesus blamed them as- 

"You desire horses like knights, but you desire not to go forth to war: you desire fair clothing like women, but you desire not to spin and nurture children; you desire the fruits of the field, and you desire not to cultivate the Earth; you desire the fishes of the sea, but you desire not to go a fishing; you desire honour as citizens, but you desire not the burden of the republic; and you desire tithes and first fruits as priests, but you desire not to serve God in truth. What then shall God do with you, seeing you desire here every good without any evil?" -[see, our article chosen people]

So, the question is, what to do with this kind of people! You see, we released [bailed on Mercy] General Christians [ie. Victims], but we blocked "Christian fathers and Jews" [ie. Criminals]. And this is the solution [with a few lines of explanation].

"But it can be solved in a more generalized form."
That is optional for us.
Then are you going to blame us? Is there any valid reason or logic in this world to blame us?? [See our article "The fact and the reality", "Jerusalem" (Q & A section), "al Baqarah" & "Psalms" for understanding]. Or you going to blame us without reason???
"I am not blaming, but a proverb that says- "There is always some people wiser than others." So, is not it better to verify this solution by the wiser before declaring their current position?" 

Look, we are not permitted to take any help from others nor permitted to use anyone's library [If any claim please inform us] but that belongs to God. 

Because of witness problem in the day of judgement. Actually, the solution must be from Muslim with "Single Responsibility" and authorized by the Scripture. Otherwise, it will create a witness problem which will invalided the salvation solution provided to the people by the providers. So we can not take any help from any even if he is Muslim. 
"But why this "Single Responsibility" must be from Muslim?"
Because Muhammad is the only person who is sent to this world as Messiah to them. Now what we are saying- 

We are not permitted to take any help from others, but we encourage wise-men to show some points [ie. valid logic/reason if any] so that "People of the Scriptures" may finds a way to reject our judgement.

Now for a more generalized solution, how you want us to behave with these criminals? Like Angels? Like Prophets?

Sorry bro, there is no Angelic or Prophetic Judgement for their salvation. They are only entitled having a judgement from a 3rd class Muslim for their salvation even not from a 1st class. 

And why those criminal needed a 1st class Muslim for their salvation? Do you know who they are? Who their guider? -Sorry to say but he is nothing but Satan [See my articles "Pork", "al-Baqarah" & "Psalms" for better understanding]. O buddy, when you are hanging above the Hellfire as lower graded animals [like pigs, monkeys, dogs, cats etc] tied by ropes and then you demanding [from that position] a 1st class citizen of heaven for your salvation - is it logical?!?

"Be cool bro."
Look, you can't demand a 1st class behavior all the time from a person who belongs to a 3rd class. However, I am sorry.

O brother Jews and Christians! We Muslims are not your enemy, but friends [believe it or not]. Now, if you want a Angelic behavior from us that will not help you, because Angels are not self willed. They will only do what they ordered to do. Remember the case of Sodom and Gomorrah, do the Angels leave a single man, or, a woman, or, a child, or even a single animal except Lot and his two daughters???  

[..they [Angels] said, "Indeed, we will destroy the people of that Lot's city. Indeed, its people have been wrongdoers."
[Abraham] said, "Indeed, within it is Lot." 
They said, "We are more knowing of who is within it. We will surely save him and his family, except his wife. She is to be of those who remain behind."

And when Our messengers came to Lot, he was distressed for them and felt for them great discomfort. They said, "Fear not, nor grieve. Indeed, we will save you and your family, except your wife; she is to be of those who remain behind. Indeed, we will bring down on the people of this city punishment from the sky because they have been defiantly disobedient." -29:31-34]

And if you want a Prophetic behavior from us then that will also not help you too. Do you not see 
What Khidh-r did? or Moses ordered when you sinned? 
Khidh-r killed a boy because he came to know that the boy will be the cause of grieve for their pious Parent when he will grown up. [...when they [Moses & Khidh-r] met a boy, he (Khidh-r) killed him. -18:74 [And with this incident when Moses angried, Khidh-r justified the killing as saying] "And as for the boy, his parents were believers, and we feared that he would overburden them by transgression and disbelief. So we intended that their Lord should substitute for them one better than him in purity and nearer to mercy". -18:80-81]. And what about Moses? He ordered the Jews to kill themselves [Then Moses told his people, "My people, you have sinned against yourselves by worshipping the calf, so repent to your Creator and then kill yourselves. That would be better for you in your Creator's sight. Then He turned to you, accepting your repentance. He is always forgiving, the Mercy Giver. -2:54], Is not it??

And for Ezra, an ant bite him when he was taking rest under a tree outside Jerusalem. So he killed all of them. Then God asked him, "O Ezra! Only an ant bite you and you killed all of them!?!"
He said, "They all are from the same family with the same habit. I killed them all so that no one could bite me again". 
And, are you forget what he did to you [to the Jews] for maintaining your purity?!? He forced you to leave your wives [because they were from non Jewish family] and children [because they from their non Jewish wives]-[See Ezra 9-10]

And for Jesus- he ordered to pluck your eyes if it sinned. because it is better to be blind in the heaven than burning eternally in the hell with eyes. However, do you know how eyes sins? [see our article Eye for better understanding].

Then you might understand why Muslim women wear Hijab.
Again, in the beginning of this article we mention that Jesus blaming Jews, and what he concluded? It is that- "God will give them [His Chosen People] a place where they will have every evil without any good." -[Read the article chosen people].

And for Muhammad- Actually he is exception [as he is Mercy to the Mankind].
Do you not see how a string of different element get bailed through his naming attributes!? And if it is still not cleared to you then you may understand through the later part of this article.
"Ok, then what about the 1st class Muslim??"
They will always uphold the book of God and shall never let down the honorable position of a Prophet. Thus Omar order to burn the library of Alexandria. And he beheaded a Muslim at once when he heard that the man denied the verdict/judgement of the Prophet. [See our article- Omaric Judgement].

This [what Omar did] is the duty of a 1st class Muslim. For a better understanding we have to cite an example-

"The apostle had instructed his commanders when they entered Mecca only to fight those who resisted them except a small number who were to be killed even if they were found beneath the curtains of the Ka'ba. Among them was Abdullah b. Sa'd, brother of the B. Amir b. Lu'ayy. The reason he ordered him to be killed was that he had been a Muslim and used to write down revelation; then he apostatized and returned to Quraysh [Mecca] and fled to Uthman b. Affan whose foster brother he was. The latter hid him until he brought him to the apostle after the situation in Mecca was tranquil, and asked that he might be granted immunity. They allege that the apostle remained silent for a long time till finally he said yes, [granting Abdullah immunity from the execution order]. When Uthman had left he [Muhammad] said to his companions who were sitting around him, "I kept silent so that one of you might get up and strike off his head!" One of the Ansar [Muhammad's helpers from Medina] said, then why didn't you give me a sign, O apostle of God?" He [Muhammad] answered that a prophet does not kill by pointing." -[See our article- al-Qur'an]

Now, is it you clear to you what is the duty of a 1st class Muslim??

"Yeah, but what about a 3rd class Muslim, like you??"
We have every options for making a mistake as Uthman did to save his foster Brother. 

God: Bears all the beautiful names. Creator of Heaven and Earth, Most Merciful, Most Wise. [read these article, God; God; for better understanding]

Prophets: Prophets are the servant of God. Main Prophets are- Adam, Sheesh, Enoch, Noah, Melchizedek, Job, Abraham, Ismael, Issac, Jacob [Israel], Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon, Elijah, Jonah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Zachariah, Jon, Jesus & Muhammad.

Scriptures: Scriptures are the books of God.that awarded to the Prophets. And after the death of a Prophet, [in the course of time] when the book of God that awarded to that Prophet were corrupted, God send another Prophet with a new Book. Thus Qur'an is the last [as declared] Book from God.

Qur'an: Distinguishes between right and wrong, truth and false or good and evil. Uncorrupted, without any error, thus able to validate previous Scriptures and their Context. This book [Qur'an] is not bounded by time and space. Thus it is valid as- Global, Universal and Eternal.

Renown previous Scriptures are-
Torah: Awarded to Moses,
Zabur [Psalms]: Awarded to David, and,
Gospel: Awarded to Jesus.

All these Scriptures are local [as these were sent to the intermediate Prophets ie. between Adam and Muhammad and awarded for a particular tribe/nation but not for the mankind] and corrupted [mixed with garbage] in the course of time.

Rules of Using Scriptures
A Scripture cannot be used as Master unless-
1.   a). It is [a book] without any Error.
      b). It is Eternal ie. Valid for Past, Present, Future & Beyond.

2.  a). A Verse of any Scripture cannot be considered as Invalid unless it opposes the Master [Scripture].
    b). The garbage that attached to any Verse or Verses of any Intermediate [Local] Scripture can be removed or modified for In-lining/Complying with the Master if you know the context for sure.

3.   a). Scriptures for Human [those are believer] uses for their guiding and belongs to God.
   b). Never forget the Honor of God and His Servants/Representatives if you are a believer.  
"Ok, but why you need a declaration?"
It is the duty for the Jews to introduce God to the Mankind. Because they knew better Him than any other and they are chosen by God for this purpose. But they failed to do their job for their habitual transgressing, thus Christianity evolved after Jesus. So we need a Declaration. 

Now, for a solution for the religious problem. We may start from Psalms. It is said in the Zabur through David-

The LORD said unto my Lord,
"Sit thou at my right,
until I make thine enemies thy footstool." -[Psalm 110:1]

This fulfilled after conquest of Mecca. Now we will see how Muhammad behaved with his enemies.

And when he reached at the premises of the house of God, he ordered to open the the gate of the Ka'ba. Then, placed both of his hands on the wooden frame of the gate and the people could see his sacred and luminous face, he addressed them thus: "Praised be Allah, Who has fulfilled His promise and helped His servant and routed the enemies"'. [God promised the Prophet through revelation that He would make him return to his birth-place ["He, Who has made the Qur'an binding on thee, will certainly return thee victoriously to thy place of birth." -al-Qasas, 28:85]. And, He [God] will make his [Muhammad's] enemies as his footstool. -[see, Psalm 110:1]

Complete silence prevailed over the precincts of the House of God and outside it. The people, holding their breath, were thinking different things. At this hour the people of Mecca were reminded of the cruelty, oppression and injustice which they had perpetrated and various other thoughts came to their minds. "He will certainly put us to the sword or will kill some of us and detain others and will make our women and children prisoners".

Those once injustice, oppress and cruel behaved with him, they are now his footstool. The Prophet looked at the gatherings and addressed them, "Today, O Quraish! What do you think, how I will treat with you?"
They said, "O our brother, o nephew! Today we want compassion and sympathy from you." On hearing this the Prophets eyes filled with tears, he said, "Today I will only say that Yousuf [Joseph] told to his brother, "Have no fear this day. May God forgive you your sins: for He is the most Merciful of the Merciful."" -[12:92] 

Fuck! Fuck!!
What means! Do you not see what is happening here? 
Ten of the twelve sons of Israel [those make today's Jews nation] plot to kill one of their child brother [Joseph] because their father [Jacob/Israel] loves him much!?! And what the victim Joseph did later?!? He pardoning those criminals who not only plot kill but also executed the plan by throwing him into a well!?!, fuck.
And what Muhammad did?? He is setting an example following Josephs example so that we Muslim may not fail to follow - "BEST PRACTICES"??? 
So we promise that we will try to follow "all the Best Practices" before taking any hard/soft decision later in this article. 

We are now near the end of our introductory part but upto this have you any question?
"Oh, Yeah! A bunch of questions. Actually, it seems to me that people still not clear what you are doing and why you doing so."
Is this all?
"No, there are questions about the preconditions against that you are doing. By the way what are the safeties of the non Muslims?"
If you have all these questions then we have to introduce another part of the introductory before fixing the real world problems. 

WARNINGS [AS RESTRICTION FOR ALL]: Do not proceed further [otherwise we may look for alternatives]. It's a private property with a private job [but Universities are allowed for checking everything as thesis paper for their PhD students].

To be continued.

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Muslims: What is the characteristics of a Muslim, too Stupid, too Daring, or Extraordinary!?

This is [that you are reading.] an article in which we describe a way of understanding or examining the state of "Knowledge Simulation/Integration" of any AI based computer.

"Is it? Then tell us how to simulate or integrate knowledge with an AI based computer."
Ok I will but could you tell us how to confuse the whole world?
"Confusing whole world in this 21st century? Wow! that's amazing. What! really?!?"

Yah, and its amazing no doubt but, have you any idea of the way of confusing all?
"No, I haven't any."
Not any? Then if I told you that there are ways, I mean technologies which one can be used against any Tech Giant to take control their business legally over the internet?
"What!?!Do you mean using extreme tech someone can do that? And, .. and that is even not known to any, I mean to any of the Tech Giant?"
That is exactly what I mean.
"Are you kidding me?"
No I am not. 
"Then who is that Heterogeneous... I mean "Tech Giant Person"?"
Say, it's me. And if I really throw a challenge to the whole world that I can take control over the internet and able to refrain a Tech Giant [say Google] from its net based business, then what shall be the answer of this world?
"Oh God! Are you not going to over predicting your ability?"
Is it? Then do you not believe in Science and Technology?
"Why not? This era already made a technological revolution through Alphabet, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, NASA, SpaceX and many more, and we are the witness of this revolution by using their service/product practically in our daily life."

Then you are not confident of my ability, isn't it?
"It's not that. Actually it came to my mind seeing the "Cumulative Effects". But... what is the fact, bro?"
The fact is, I am going to go in knowing exactly how well I am going to do and then I will have to prepare in all those areas I know I am weakest.
"Wow! But... isn't it going to cover a lot of fields, basically in Computer Science?"
Huu, but I am not going to cover all. I am letting you and others to challenge me throwing critical questions with a hope to kick my ass -which you may term as- "Scholastic Chemistry".

"What do you say?!?"
That is what I mean. And why not? You know, a play never be thrilled if not the game highly competitive. Thus we played previously a blind game during explaining the significance of our "al-Baqarah" article. 
"Oh Yeah, that was amazing. Even I did not have any idea where you going to reach, in the beginning of every section i were confused but you handle that in a better way. Did you planned before for an explanation in that way?"
Oh no! That was purely a blind game. I just throw arrow into the air aimlessly. The only thing on which we were confident is our truthfulness, and natural logical explaining power either Scripturaly or Scientifically. And don't try to be innocent, every time you spinned the ball to a different direction to make my way difficult- I observed it my dear. However what we are telling-

"Confusing the World. And what do you say?!? I made your way difficult there?!? Oh buddy, this article actually going to show you what is called "difficult". However, leave that and explain us your "confusing world". My God! you make me thrilled, really."
Wow! that's interesting. Then try your best for a difficulty- I love challenges. But first let me finished the article, or it will be too lengthy. Now, come to the point- like you, even the answers from Google CEO, NASA shall also be confused.
"How? Will you pl. explain?"
Look, definitely, the answer of this question is YES, or, NO. But the explanation of the answer ie. yes or no, will differ from one to another.
"How could be that? The answer that the question demands shall yes, or no, then, why do we need an explanation?!?"

Look, those who are only aware of my knowledge on religion, mainly, Judaism, Christianity and Islam- their answer will be- "NO", and their "NO" shall explain - "Though he is one of the best, but not the best of the best."

And those who have clear idea of my knowledge and wisdom, I mean knowledge on say, about my last 3 Articles [Psalms, Pharaoh, and al-Baqarah], their answer also shall be- NO, and their explanation shall be- "If we consider that he is the best knowledgeable man on Scriptures in the human history, yet not a man on Science and Technology."

And those who are clever one and found only a way to upgrade computer gaming to some extent, they will labeled me as STUPID, and thus their answer will be no, and if you even know that all of them found that technical path in my blog and you pointed that to them, even then they will consider you among those, who are stupid and shall answer thus, "We found it luckily in his article then, do you think he has any knowledge of this?"

And those who are among the clever one and when they were found all the stages that changes the gaming history forever, their answer also shall be no, and their explanation will be- "Suppose we found all the stages that changes really the gaming history, then how do you consider that he is aware of this? Do you have any proof of his any contribution in the IT sector or in the Gaming World? Or is he even known in those field in anyway? Most of all, if he aware any of this then why not he make papers, or patents? Hahahaha...oh buddy, now..... I can conclude about a truth.... that is,.... and of course concluded from your question that, "When a knowledgeable man like you could ask me a question like this, then it is "Absolute Truth" that the world is full of STUPIDS." 

And those Tech based organization who found a way changing computer language [which is binary now], and found a new way of making super computer [quantum based], which will change the technological history of world, bringing an abrupt change in all branch of the knowledge, and make them capable to build a computer with AI, then their answer will be- no, and their explanations shall be- "This is the capacity of IBM, NASA, Space X, Silicon Valley, Apple, Facebook and other Tech Giant, who have years of experience to do so, but is there any strong evidence or proof that a person without any Ph.D from the Indian subcontinent capable to do such?

"Then do you think, NASA still not having a computer with AI?!"
This is all about understanding. No computer is "Turing Completed" as it is not capable to perform infinite test. Actually, if a computer completed "n" number of Tests then we may called it "Turing Completed", P = NP, where, N is a finite number.
"I do not understand what you actually mean?"

I mean if you say that a computer beat no. one chess master, then you can say, the computer is Turing Completed for chess only, not for all game and everything. We will discuss it in details in another article for "P vs NP" explanations of our previous "al-Baqarah" which still needed some explanations that we intentionally left-out there for a greater consequence. 

You know, we already showed the general Christians by releasing them [we will explain this in brief in its proper place] - how Muhammad is the mercy to them [And now you may understand why we left some portion unexplained/unanswered there], but we left Christian Fathers [in Psalms [110:1] article] and Jews [in al-Baqarah article]. 

"Yah, I want to question you about that, it is actually about the rule by which you release general Christians in your "Psalms" article, this is because after reading that article even a Muslim may think that is your own judgement."

Hahaha..., is it? That's interesting. However, we will not discuss that here, but later in a separate article, just remind me [if I forget]. Now, what we are talking about?!- Oh yah!-

Now the the case for stupids, what is their thought of me? Actually, we do not need their answers. We just focus on their Joys. ......... When they even understand that I can earn billion dollars any time I wish, but I am doing nothing, they are happy to think that they were never be among the stupids ever, the most stupidest among the mankind is that man- that is me.

"But I am also Confused. If you really able to earn Billion Dollars a decade ago, why you not do that?"
Good Questions. It is not that I do not need any money. I do not go in that way because I have no interest in earning money selling Verses. My goal is to help people understanding- "the Truth and the Absolute Truth". Actually, help them understanding how they are blocked in this "World of Illusions".
"Hahaha.... you are talking like Aliens."

Really! then you too confused. Hahaha..........

How I become a man with AI.

Actually, here, "A" means "Actual" [or, you may say "Absolute"]- as I am a human not a computer- where it means "Artificial".
"I see!! But, is CS [computer science] ever means "AI" for human!?!"
No, because human are labeled with "IQ" compared with other human, but no one ever compared human intelligence with computer. Actually human intelligence is interesting, it can block a powerful computer creating a situation as we did in our al-Baqarah article, but a computer itself can't create such situations. Do you know why?
Because, Computers have no practical experiences with the natural world through such unnatural situation, which is unique- one and only.
"One and only!!"
Sure, because, the said situation which a group of Human once experienced, shall never will happen again. However, what I am telling-

I was born in February 24, 1965, in Jessore- a District of Bangladesh [which liberated in 1971]. My father was a Service Holder. He bought a land in Jessore Sadar before liberation, and in 1975 [after the tragic death of our national leader Sk. Mujibur Rahman] he build our home there for a permanent settle.

It was the mid of 1976. My father took me to a nearby school
named- "Sammilani Institution" for a admission. I was intended to admit in class VIII. The Head Master [Shahadat Ali Ansari] denied to admit me in the middle of an academic year. My father try to convince him saying- "He is some kind Genius. Actually, his school life started with his two elder sister in class IV but his result never disappoint me." [Is this! Actually, I am not that kind of Genius which my father meant. I remembered my previous educational life. All credits are for Private Tutors, who actually made my life hell all the years.]

With this- the head master not much convinced as- every child to his father is extraordinary. However he looked straight to me for a few second and then asked me to spell- "lieutenant" and I was admitted in class VIII, section C. [Total student of our class [A+B+C]= 60x3 ie 180 nos. I take my seat in one of the last bench, it is because I always preferred to be "back-bencher" and it was always amusing and fun for me.]

From the early days of my life "I love to Read Books" I were habituated reading books because one of my Cousin who was an employee of -"Govt. Public Library." in Khulna dist. He always brought 10/15 books in every weekend for my Mother and Father, and I never left any- unreaded.

From the early hood, I dared to do things whatever the situation is. And all of my close friends [all are local] also like me. During tiffin period one of my classmate bet on me with a puzzle of six-matchsticks and told me that if I able to make 4 triangle with those sticks within a minute, he will award me 100 Taka, with in an hour 50, and if in the nest day then the reward will be Taka two and a cup of tea which is 30 paisa only.

I agreed and he bring-out a match box from his pocket and give me 6-sticks. He was a smoker and occasionally I taste cig. [STAR] from him.

I solve the puzzle with in a time that actually needs to construct it. Next day he was waiting in a tea stall where we regularly meet before attending classes. I asked him for my money and he gave that to me. Then I order a cup of tea for me. He asked- "What about  me?"

-"Are you damn desperate to be my friend?"
-"We  are surely friends."

Sammilani Institution on Google Earth

I was sipping my tea looking a girl going to her School. Her dress color [pink cumise, white salwar, white orna] indicates that she is the student of Adarsha Multilateral Girls High School [in Bengali -Adarsha Balika Biddalay]" which was just adjacent to our School. Actually, a 25' road [Ambika Basu Lane] that separates this two schools. He followed my eyes and then when his gaze fell on my face-I told him softly- "Bring her orna [scarff/dupatta] in return of your money [ie. 100 taka that he gives me] and our friendship."
He move forward and reach the girl gently and then picked her orna. It was neatly folded and stapled on her both shoulder. The girl moved 360 degree with a loud screaming and made a marathon towards her school leaving her books, shoes. The road was empty in that early hours of the day. So no one noticed the incident except the owner of the tea stall.

He throw the orna to the pond at the point of the incident and return to me I ordered two cups of tea for us. And then we move towards our School.

In the middle of the 1st period [each class of 45 minutes]- O my God! A girl with bare footed moving towards our Head Masters room accompanied with two Mistress.

I said to him softly- "We both clearly fucked up."
He said to me, "No, only me, if exposed everything."
I said, "Let us leave the class." and we both looking for a chance.

There are 4 peons in our school. One of them enter the class without permission of the teacher who is in his lecture. This is obviously against the rule. No one heard what the peon says to our teacher. But we both clearly understand what is going to happen. The teacher stops lecturing and told us- "No one will leave the class... before I leave." His voice was too rough.

We all are waiting. Then the girl entered our class room with a peon and starts to pass every row one by one with him. They passed us normally and nothing happened. We just released our breaths. The girl return to our class teacher and talked to him softly and then go out. Then suddenly 4 peons take position covering each door of our class. The teacher came to us and told him that he need to meet Head Master.

He asked - "Me?!?" He acted to be surprised and continued, "Right now?"
Teacher only said- "Move."
Oh!! The later story was so unpleasant, so pathetic and so remarkable to me!.


"So what?"
So we can wait and see what they do.
"What we will see and who to do what?"
All the tech giant [Google, Facebook, MIT, Amazon, Github, Linkedin, Microsoft, Wordpress, Symantec, Netflix, Snapchat, ...., etc], are they only enjoyed our "frontend" [in languaged [Text based] form, which may not grammatically corrected] or they included our "backend" [errorless codes that generated by the language [text] written by us] too?

"If they still not enjoyed "backend", then?"
Then let them enjoy that first. And later let them tell us which programming language we still left non upgrading position [without knowing single of them even nor using any of their so called "standard library"] so that we can touch them for their up-gradation [in/c their standard library].

Are we need Microsoft [for their operating system], Google or others [for their browser service], Amazon or IBM or others [for their Cloud service], or CSS or anything?

Are not we pegged Stephen Hawking as Stupid in our Python apps [you can find the apps in the language [text] form in our article "Rent a Housewife"] which confidently [that the code generated by the language shall never be faulty even the language itself may not grammatically correct] rendered at run-time?

So basically we have nothing to learn from anyone but we can teach them. Yet the truth is- nobody learns. By the way, do you ever played x-box or google play?
Me too, but it developed in an interesting way during the past decade, wow .... very interesting!! So, we may call all renown game developer or developing company for developing games to apply our test. 

Hahaha..... Actually, peoples are funny [basically those are skilled in their field] I enjoyed them always. Hahaha.....
"You laughing!"
I am laughing with a thought- maybe [!?!] they already applied this test to their game.

Its April 28, 2018, and we start again completing our jobs.
"Oh, that's nice. Then from where to start?"
From our school story.

Its a long day and I am waiting in my classroom with highly anxiety. Why its too late for his coming?
Then he entered into the class. I at once stand-up. He came to me with a smile and spoke into my ear, "Don't worry, I didn't expose you."
"You are beaten black and blue."  I said at once observing his tethered condition.
"I did not uttered a single word against what Ansari asked. So he did it angrily." he said smiling. Then he took his books from the desk and start leaving the the class. I followed him immediately.

In a rush I reached at the foot of the temple [which was in the east and right side of the entrance of our school], but Omar was not with me. So I looked back and found him in the middle of the basketball ground which was in between Our class and Class VII.

Omar took his sit in the ground facing towards headmasters room. Seeing this, quickly I entered into the temple. I put my books behind "Sarasati" and then sitting beside her I starred towards Omar.

Omar took off his shirt [which was torned] and then lay it on his lap. Then he began to tearing the leafs of his books one by one into small pieces.

What the stupid doing? I shouted, "Omar!" Surely, he heard me yet he did not answer nor looking back but eagerly engaging himself doing what he was doing previously.

Omar takes too much time doing his job. Time passes by. I don't know when I fell in asleep lending the foundation of Sarasati.

I do not attend classes for the next three days and in the 4th day after attending, I came to know Omar also absent during those days.

I do not know where Omar lived in, I never asked him before. So in the weekend when the school closed, I went for a search for his residence. And at last I find it out. Then when I pushed calling bell of the entry a young girl opened the door. I told her that I am  Omar's classmate and I am looking for him because he was not attending classes for the past few days. 
The girl said, " He will not going to attend school anymore. He left for Dhaka." and then she shut the door on my face without letting me further inquiring.

I am shocked and feel guilty. Because of my fault, my friends educational life came to an end.

Then I tried to understand "ETHICS"- what can be done and what cannot, understanding from its "BENCHMARK", so that I can analyze the reaction/result any of my action [that I am going to implement] instantly from different angle. And then I came in contact with the writings of Naseem Hijazi.

There is a story in the prologue of of a Hijazi's book "Safed Jazeera" [The White Island}. The story as such-

An infant boy serving a saint. The boy beg door to door in the nearby villages and return in the evening. The he cooked for their dinner.

The saint was so pious that the boy firmly believed one day God will surely hear him and when that happened he will get a way out and need not to beg anymore.

Years after years passes. The boy now in his full youth and the saint becomes too old. The boy now for sure nothing gonna happen. Yet he cannot leave the saint because of love that grew for years. He was serving the saint so many years how can he leave him in his so old age?
So he is doing  his job as before. Days after days passes. Then one day when he came home in the evening and preparing for cooking their dinner, he heard that the saint praying to God after his Maghrib Salah as-

"Oh God! If you make me king of this country, I will build a lot of Your houses where people will pray to You for Your Mercy in faith and in hope.
Oh God! People will pray to you for Your Mercy for their sins because they will know You are most Merciful. Oh God!.."

Hearing upto this the youth loses his temper. He became very angry. He pushed woods into the oven angrily and then began to pray loudly spreading his hands upwards opposing the saint as-

"Oh God! What the saint will do in his old age if You made him King? The man already set a foot in his grave. So if You wish to do something, then elect me. I will show people what they really deserve. I will demolish all of Your houses and turn them into brothel.
I will kill all of them who will pray to You. I will do such so that no one dare to utter Your name publicly. And thus gradually I will wipe out Your name from the earth for ever.

I will promote evil and I will awarded them those are evil doer. I I will do this in such a way so that people no more recall any good..."

Hearing this the saint cried out. His eyes filled with tears. He said, "Son! what are you saying! Oh God! pardon him. He is..."

That night the saint refused to take his meal. So both of them spent the night hungry.

The youth passed the night sleepless. And he took off from his bed too early just before the darkness of the night clearing the eastern sky by the reflecting ray of the raising sun. Then he look at the saint who was asleep. The old man may not live too many days. The man going to leave this world without enjoying anything, nor even having any good food in his life.

Generally, the youth used to beg in the nearby villages. But today he decided to go to the Kings Palace for his alms.

The King died suddenly in the night. And he did not select anyone in his place before his death. So on hearing his death news, the army chief came to the Chief Viser and said, "Elect me as King as I am the fittest person. You know, the arms, the ammunition and the army all are in my control, no one  dare to oppose me."

The queen said, "Am I not the queen, who sits besides the King all the times, then why not I be the ruler of this country?"

The Chief of the biggest tribe said, "Why not you elect me, when I am the leader of the biggest tribe of this country?"

A group of tribal leaders said to the Viser, "We will select the fittest one among us, so you have to elect him as our King."

With this situation, the advisory board decided that they will elect him as King who will knock 1st to the eastern gate of the Kings Palace at tomorrow morning.

The youth knocked the eastern gate of the Kings Palace for his alms very early in the morning. Then he was crowned as King. And after that he decreed to demolish all the praying houses in his kingdom and arresting those who are pious for hanged.

People began to leaving homes for saving their lives and taking shelter to the neighboring country. They are now queering the background of the King they elect. Some said, "He was a beggar. We have seen him begging door to door in the villages."
Others said, "He lived in the jungle with a saint."

So they began to trace his living place to find the saint with a thought that he may help then finding a way out from the disaster. And when they find him out, they begged him to save them and the country.

The saint agreed to visit the kings court for the sake of innocent peoples live even acknowledging his death penalty. 

And then when the saint entered into the court, the King rejoiced seeing him and greeted him standing from his seat saying, "Huzur-e- Namder!"
The saint replied, "Son! What are you doing?!?"  

At once the Kings face changed. He roared with a harden voice, "Do not uttered another word or I have to order to cut your tongue." He continued, "God did not hear you but me. So I am doing what I promised to do.

The soul of the people of this country already corrupted. They are now unable to distinguish between right and wrong, Good and evil. So I shall teach them what evil actually is, so that they need not to learn what is good."

Hearing this, the saint rejoice saying, "Son! Do what you are doing with earnestness and in a full swim."

In ---------------


[N.B: a. Article produced with the help of
-my Active Brain [Controlled/supervised]
-my Active Soul/Mind [Uncontrolled/unsupervised]
b. We/Us means- we Muslims [in/c prophets between Adam and Muhammad], or, Me with the Words Power of God, or, When I hope my intention is inline with the intention of God.]

Q & A

# "Before writing this article, you appeared as "Heavy Hitters" against Google in your facebook and G+ pages and now what about that?"  

@ We never hide anything from Google, because we start writing our blog post under their hood. Yet without keeping our data safe they open it to the developers for business and other intention. So we need to open everything for all before completing our job.

We never showed our interest in any kind of business nor we intend to kick-out others from the market to take over theirs. Actually we are not allowed to do such for personal gain when we engaged in doing such type of jobs.

But we appeared as "Heavy Hitters" for setting an example to show publicly what we can do "if needed" for the sake of public data safety even if they are "Tech Giants". 

You know, because of Googles behavior we need to waste our valuable time [months after months] for making our firm decision in a cool brain.

I personally like Google for some cases and hate for others. However, we are not against them if not they force us to do so. So the code we generated against Google shall remain to us as an example for others.

"Is this all for Google?"
Actually people never learns [especially those are well educated and confident on their knowledge]. So what more to say to them!! Only like this- 

"Carrots can not help you see better in the dark any more than eating blueberries will turn you blue".
......But Airborne Interception radar [AI] can.

And now, what do you think- "Are the Muslims Stupid, Daring or Extraordinary???"
What? Hahaha..... oh my God! Hahahaaa.... oh.
Like Omar? Who ordered to burn the "Library of Alexandria"??

Actually, people judge others according to their knowledge. You have your own similarly Omar had his. Omar ordered such with this judgement- 

"if these books agreed in all points with the Book of God (al-Qur’an), the latter would still be perfect without them, and they would therefore be superfluous; but that if they contained anything repugnant to the doctrine of that book, they ought to be condemned as pernicious, and destroyed."

And for me, we still not taken any action against any organisation. Actually we do not want to, but if any organisation force us to do so, then surely most of the people will label me as "STUPID" i know that too.

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