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Ishwar Chandra: The Man Who Titled Vidyasagar.

Abu Hena Mostafa Kamal
15 Nov. 2011
Do you ever try to judge the title of Ishwar Chandra, as Vidyasagar? I don’t dare to do so, because a pond can't Judge a Sea. But it seems very interesting to me, when there were Moses and Al-Khidh-r, David and Solomon, birth blind Homer, Socrates and Plato, Jesus and Siddhartha (Gautama Buddha), Albert Einstein and Newton and many more [we excluded Muhammad as he is the most dignified one among the creation of God]. Yet none but Ishwar Chandra is the one who titled as Vidyasagar, ie. the ‘Sea of Knowledge’. 

Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
We will discuss here only al-Khidh-r and Solomon not others, because, these two already declared wiser by the God and also known to mass of the people. Again, besides this two, all those cited here are knowledgeable in some particular field which is insufficient to eligible them to compete to the unified knowledge of the whole.

The discussion and the topic are completely out of religion. No way to take it otherwise. We are not going to prove, someone is not much wiser than others, nor are we trying to put Ishwar Chandra and others on the same array to the Prophets. We introduce Prophets here only because we believe they were wiser than any normal human, nothing else.

Moses awarded Prophethood at the valley of Tur, on his way to Egypt from Median. So, when he came to his home at Egypt, he and his brother Aron tried to guide Bani Israelis as they were instructed by God. And one day when Moses was in his sermon in a large gathering, a man suddenly stand-up and asked him beyond the topic, ‘Moses, what do you think, who is the wisest man in the world at this time?’ He asked such because if Moses answers, ‘Me’, then he would say to the people, ‘Look, what the foolish man he is, he thinks, he is the wisest man in the world. lol’

Moses knew the nature of his nation and it was clear to him, why the man asked him that question. So he thought a little (it came to his mind that he is the Prophet and he knows what his people don’t) and then said, ‘It’s me’. The answer was not approved by the God as it was not prophetic to say so. The answer of this type question from a prophet should be-‘Maybe it’s me, may be not, only God-the Wisest One knows who the man is’. So Gabriel came to Moses and said, ‘You are wrong, O Moses, there are people wiser than you’.

Moses at once realizes that he made a mistake. So he downed his knee to God and wishes to meet with that man, so that he may earn some knowledge from him. The man who was wiser than Moses was al-Khidh-r. God instruct Moses the way to find him. So he accompanied with Joshua leave Egypt to meet with him.

Qur'an says- "And they found a servant from among Our servants to whom we had given mercy from us and had taught him from Us a (certain) knowledge." (18:65)

This wise man al-Khidh-r even not known to us as,- ‘Sea of Knowledge’.


The Qur'an refers to Solomon as a prophet and a great ruler with tremendous wisdom, favor, and special powers. It is said that he prayed to God for a kingdom the like of which would not be awarded to anyone after him. [Qur’an, 34: 12. (Yahya, 2003) p 105.] Almighty God granted his wish [Bahjah, 1987, p 274.]. He had gifted Solomon with many abilities. The wind was under his command. [Qur’an, 38: 36.] He was blessed with understanding of the language of birds,[Qur’an, 27:16] insects,[‘UsmanÄ«, 2006, Vol. 2, pp 695.] and animals.[Yahya, 2003, p 104] God directed the Jinn to work for him. [Qur’an, 34: 12] Solomon taught them how to mine soil and dig out its minerals to make tools and weapons [Alush, 2003, p 139].

Solomon was not only a king, but also one of the Prophets of God and one of the son of Prophet David, who was also a king. Both of them were wise. No need to proof of their knowledge. So, we cite only one example here to understand the depth of knowledge of Solomon.

Once, two men came to the court of David for justice. And on hearing, indicating the alleged the petitioner said, ‘My lord, his goatees entered into my paddy field at night and made a massacre of my paddy.'
David asked the alleged, ‘Is that true?’
He replied ‘Yes my Lord’.

So David thought- the owner should protect his goats and keep them fenced at night. And if the alleged would do that, his goats couldn’t able to massacre others paddy field. So, it is the responsibility and duty for the alleged to compensate the petitioner. David calculate the loss of the petitioner. And he founds that the price of the goatees is equal to the loss of destruction. So he order that the alleged shall pay the petitioner all the goatees as the compensation of the massacres.

David was famous for his Justice. So, when the alleged and the petitioner both hard the Courts order, they began to leave the court with their satisfaction.

At that time Solomon was present at the court room. He stands and appealed to the court, ‘My lord, It seems to me, though the petitioner gets proper justice with this Court Order, yet the alleged may be not getting the extreme one.’

Pin drop silence in the court. Never happens such an event before. The court signs to stops the petitioner and the alleged both. They astonished too; what is going to happen?

David smiled to his son. He had lot of faiths on his son’s knowledge and intelligence. The court ruled – ‘Appeal granted.’

On hearing, Solomon says- The goat’s owner will cultivate the land and the goatees will be under the care of land owner and he will enjoy the goatees milk. On the other hand, when the paddy field becomes as it is before its destruction, the land owner will back all the goatees to its owner except those born during the period under his care.

This time, David found a clear gap in his order. He feels proud of his son. He looks upwards and thanks God for giving him such a wise and intellectual son.
David revised his order.

Now, supporting this event I have to quote some verses of Qur’an- "And, David and Solomon, when they judged concerning the field- when the goats of a people overran it (at night), and We were witness to their judgments. And We gave understanding of the case to Solomon, and to each (of them)" -(21:78-79)

Such a knowledgeable person Solomon not even titled as Vidyasagar.

Ishwar Chandra:
Ishwar Chandra was born in a ritual, higher caste Hindu Brahmin family of Birsingha, Midnapore, West Bengal, India on Sept 26, 1820. His father was Thakurdas Bandyopadhyay and mother Bhagavati Devi. He start his education at the village Pathshala (a School where a student taught on language, grammar, arithmetic and religion) in extreme poverty. Their economic condition was so bad that he has to use street lamp to study as it was not possible for them to afford a gas lamp at home.

In 1829, Ishwar Chandra admitted at Sanskrit College, Kolkata. He passed every exams with exemplary brilliance. His meritorious performance in every field of study rewarded him with prizes and scholarships every year.

In 1839, he graduated in Law. His extraordinary result in the exams on the disciplines -poetry, rhetorics, vedic literature and anthology, philosophy of law, logic, science and jurisprudence, and astrology bagged all the prizes and scholarships for best performance ever in the college history. And on evaluating his stupendous results, the College Committee endowed Ishwar Chandra with the Honorific Title of Vidyasagar (Sea of Knowledge). Thus, his Etymology of knowledge replaced the title Bandhapadhay with Vidyasagar and this appellation is identified almost ever exclusively with Ishwar Chandra.

This is in short the story of Ishwar Chandra.

Now, if you think his title, "Vidyasagar" not judged properly, then, we forwarded a question for you so that your answer may qualify you to say something about the title of Ishwar Chandra,

"Let us consider the story, a story of 'A', 'B', 'C' and 'D'. Here,'C' is the mother of 'D'. Now, 'D', the young girl move to a city where she met a man ‘A'. Later she fell in love and married him. On the other hand, 'B', a business man moved his office to a city where he met 'C' and later married her. A few years later, in a family reunion, both 'C' and 'D' were shocked when they discover the relation between 'A' and 'B'. Actually, 'A' is the father of 'B'.

Now, if 'C' issued a daughter 'E' and 'D' a son 'F', then, find the relation between 'E' and 'F' with proper logical explanations."
Note that Both 'A' and 'C' were divorcee before their 2nd relation.

[We remind you again that we asked only PROPER Logical Explanation, not mathematical derivative, which involved a most critical calculation and course of action for a conditional system [the world] to run. This is Important because this formula applicable almost all branch of knowledge in the field of Sociology, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Cosmology, Theology, Psychology, Information Technology etc in a direct or indirect way].

# Solving the above problem mathematically, can anyone able to determine scientifically that on what condition, Merciful God needs to create a "DEAD SEA" with the Sodom, Ghomora, Amra People?

The End.
Not Yet Revised.

Q & A
# "Bro the prophets are not living in our days. So, why not you asked some Chartered Accountant to test their capability to calculate the actual damage for a justification of Insurance claim of a modern day farmer?"

I do not asked them, because, I am confused a single CA man still capable or not. But hope some one in future shall able to do this Job.

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