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Eye: Is the Origin of Every Carnal Sin?.

Abu Hena Mostafa Kamal

14 Jan. 2013
"নয়না এখানে যাদু জানে সখা এক আঁখি-ইশারায়
লক্ষ যুগের মহা-তপস্যা কোথায় উবিয়া যায়।"
                                       ----Kazi Nazrul Islam.
Eye is the Origin of every carnal sin. And, he who has not bodily eyes is secure not to receive punishment but only to the third degree, while he that has eyes receives it to the seventh degree. How to justified this?

Human Eye
In the time of the Prophet Elijah it came to pass that Elijah seeing a blind man weeping, a man of good life, asked him saying: "Why weep you, O brother?"
The blind man answered: "I weep because I cannot see Elijah the prophet, the Holy-one of God."
Then Elijah rebuked him, saying: "Cease from weeping, O man, for in weeping you sin."
The blind man answered: "Now tell me, is it a sin to see a holy Prophet of God, that raises the dead and makes the fire to come down from heaven?"

Elijah answered: "You speak not the truth, for Elijah is not able to do anything of all that you say, because he is a man as you are. For all the men in the world cannot make one fly to be born."
Said the blind man: "You say this, O man, because Elijah must have rebuked you for some sin of your, wherefore you hate him."
Elijah answered: "May it please God that you be speaking the truth; because, O brother, if I should hate Elijah I should love God, and the more I should hate Elijah the more I should love God."

Hereupon was the blind man greatly angered, and said: "As God lives, you are an impious fellow! Can God then be loved while one hates the Prophets of God? Be gone forth with, for I will not listen to you any longer!"
Elijah answered: "Brother, now may you see with your intellect how evil is bodily seeing. For you desire sight to see Elijah, and hate Elijah with your soul."
The blind man answered: "Now begone' for you are the devil that would make me sin against the Holy-one of God."

Then Elijah gave a sigh, and said with tears: "You have spoken the truth, O brother, for my flesh, which you desire to see, separates you from God."
Said the blind man: "I do not wish to see you; no, if I had my eyes, I would close them so as not to see you?"
Then said Elijah: "Know, brother, that I am Elijah!"
The blind man answered: "You speak not the truth."
Then said the disciples of Elijah: "Brother, he truly is the Prophet of God, Elijah."

"Let him tell me," said the blind man, "if he be the prophet. Of what seed I am, and how I became blind?" -
Elijah answered: "You are of the tribe of Levi; and because you, in entering the Temple of God, looks lewdly upon a woman, you being near the sanctuary, our God took away your sight."
Then the blind man weeping said: "Pardon me, O holy Prophet of God, for I have sinned in speaking with you; for if I had seen you I should not have sinned."

Elijah answered: "May our God pardon you, O brother, because as regards me I know that you have told me the truth, seeing that the more I hate myself the more I love God, and if you saw me you would still your desire, which is not pleasing to God. For Elijah is not your creator, but God; whence, so far as concerns you, I am the devil," said Elijah weeping, "because I turn you aside from your creator. Weep then, O brother, because you have not that light which would make you see the true from the false, for if you had had that you would not have despised my doctrine. Wherefore I say to you, that many desire to see me and come from far to see me, who despise my words. Wherefore it were better for them, for their salvation, that they had no eyes, seeing that everyone that finds pleasure in the creature, be he who he may, and seeks not to find pleasure in God, has made an idol in his heart, and forsaken God."

Do we get  all that what Elijah said?" In truth, we have understood, and we are beside ourselves at the knowledge that here on earth there are very few that are not idolaters."

You speak the truth, for now was Israel desirous to establish the idolatry that they have in their hearts, in holding me for God, many of whom have now despised my teaching, saying that I could make myself lord of all Judea, if I confessed myself to be God, and that I am mad to wish to live in poverty among desert places, and not abide continually among princes in delicate living.

Oh hapless man, that prizes the light that is common to flies and ants and despises the light that is common only to angels and prophets and holy friends of God! If, then, the eye shall not be guarded, I tell you that it is impossible not to fall headlong into lust.

Wherefore Jeremiah the prophet, weeping vehemently, said truly: "My eye is a thief that robs my soul." For therefore did David our father pray with greatest longing to God our Lord that he would turn away his eyes in order that he might not behold vanity. For truly everything which has an end is vain.

Tell me then, if one had two pence to buy bread, would he spend it to buy smoke? Assuredly not, seeing that smoke does hurt to the eyes and gives no sustenance to the body. Even so then let man do, for with the outward sight of his eyes and the inward sight of his mind he should seek to know God his creator and the good pleasure of his will, and should not make the creature his end, which causes him to lose the creator.”

For truly every time that a man beholds a thing and forgets God who has made it for man, he has sinned. For if a friend of yours should give you somewhat to keep in memory of him, and you should sell it and forget your friend, you have offended against your friend. Even so does man; for when he beholds the creature and has not in memory the creator, who for love of man has created it, he sins against God his creator by ingratitude. He therefore who shall behold women and shall forget God who for the good of man created woman, he will love her and desire her. And to such degree will this lust of his break forth, that he will love everything like to the thing loved: so that hence comes that sin of which it is a shame to have memory.

If, then, man shall put a bridle upon his eyes, he shall be lord of the sense, which cannot desire that which is not presented to it. For so shall the flesh be subject to the spirit.Because as the ship cannot move without wind, so the flesh without the sense cannot sin.

That thereafter it would be necessary for the penitent to turn story-telling into prayer, reason itself shows, even if it were not also a precept of God. For in every idle word man sins, and our God blots out sin by reason of prayer. For that prayer is the advocate of the soul; prayer is the medicine of the soul; prayer is the defence of the heart; prayer is the weapon of faith, prayer, is the bridle of sense; prayer is the salt of the flesh that suffers it not to be corrupted by sin.

I tell you that prayer is the hands of our life, whereby the man that prays shall defend himself in the day of judgment: for he shall keep his soul from sin here on earth, and shall preserve his heart that it be not touched by evil desires; offending Satan because he shall keep his sense within the Law of God, and his flesh shall walk in righteousness;, receiving from God all that he shall ask.

As God lives, in whose presence we are, a man without prayer can no more be a man of good works than a dumb man can plead his cause to a blind one; than fistula can be healed without unguent; a man defend himself without movement; or attack another without weapons, sail without rudder, or preserve dead flesh without salt;. For truly he who has no hand cannot receive. If man could change dung into gold and clay into sugar; what would he do?

The End.
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Gospel of Barnabas..
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