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Rent a Housewife: A Contractual Marriage Model of the Future.

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Dhaka, 27 Oct, 2011.
The social and familial bonding gradually being demolished on uprising demands of one’s self-independence. You can't believe yourself if you compare all the present social systems to those of the the early 19th century. The marriage system, which actually bonds a couple [husband and wife] with  the society is changed abruptly in this era. Today, a youth marrying someone fell in love, yet then divorcing her tomorrow without any feelings. It is like playing with balls ie. pick a new ball when you loves to play and then kicked it out of the field [as abandon] when finished. lol  

Why this? 
Because society changes.
And society changes because people changes> And they changed suddenly in this 21st century. It is because morality of the people changed mostly in this century. People of this days are Liar, disloyal and dishonest. In a better clarification- today the motto of the people is- you may truthful or liar, loyal or disloyal, honest or dishonest to your life partner only if the situation satisfied your desire and may benefited you. Hahaha.....

Thus Wedding Vows [which husband/wife vows [taking God as the witness] to each other, such as- "I, ____, take you, ____, to be my lawfully wedded (husband/wife), to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part"] for people is just a ritual, social norm, To them- if you break that vows, the sky will not fall on your head- man, be practical. They made their own ethical definition. 

Now, if this be the condition of our present society, then what it would be the marriage model in the near future?

Actually, the degradation of morality of Men makes Women to be courageous to protest, to cut down the so called funny bonding a women holds with her husband and in the society and demanded equal rights. 

Thus we see young girls of this day aren't interested to be typical housewife as that of the past. Today they try to establish themselves as separate entity, thus want to be independent financially. And for this, girls of this day become more careful of their higher education. And this tendency gradually weaken their bonding that they have with their family and with the society

So, considering all the points above we can say that in the near future, the socio-political environment shall be changed remarkably. And the social and religious system by which a young man and women is still bonded in some way in their matrimonial life with the society must be weak to weaker. Thus it is not too difficult to assume that the marriage system going to be commercial with the time passed. 

"So, it is obviously not to be surprised for arising the question- what shall be the Marriage Model in the future?" 

And a better understanding, we are now going to brief a such model in short here in below. 

Consider a case that a 22nd centurion young man who decided suddenly to live familial life with a  thought that hiring a beautiful young girl as housewife shall bring his homely life to be joyful. 

So, in order to get such a wife, he draft an advertisement for a morning tabloid [local]. And in the next-day it will published-
An 18-20 yrs girl will be rented as Housewife for a short term. The incumbent should be beautiful, innocent looking with attractive figure. She must be talkative, sexy, notty (naughty) and equally romantic. The term period will be calculated in such a manner that she will get off days on every 3(three) months @ 0,1,2,3………days/month and will be considered dismissed on reaching 30 days per month. 
Salary, $550.00 per month with accommodation, clothing and fooding- absolutely free. 
House wife
If the incumbent found extraordinary ie. capable to give endless Joy and happiness like Niketa [renown girl- when national dailies published her boyfriend's statement, it was believed that she is genuinely capable to do such], then on the 1st yearly job evaluation day, she will be awarded surprisingly and treated properly from the employer side as she really deserves. Even the employer promises that he will "bring her to the moon and back"- on every moonlit night.
If she gives birth any child during the job period, the salary will be revised immediately after each birth on negotiate. 
Special Gift Hamper every year on the occasion of Joining day, Year ending day, Birthday and Gives birth day is an extra with 2(two) festival precious bonus presentation. 
No Punishment, no Harassment- but always warm welcomed with all the Sweetest Callings on earth viz.- Honey, Sweetheart, My Darling, My Love etc. during her entire service period and a Peaceful environment will be created to feel her secured all the time will be assured.
If you think you deserve the position, apply now with a 3R full sized photograph to the address given below-
For any queries, you have the option to chat with the employer with the id given as under-
  • Yahoo: _____
  • GTalk: _____
  • MSN: _____
  • AIM: _____                                           
NB: Height less than 5’2”, Weight more than 55 kgs and under Matriculation (SSC) are discouraged to apply.

The  End.

Not Yet Corrected.

# A man throw a question to me, "Bro, do you ever find the problems with the technical persons those engaged themselves to a job beyond their professionalism?"
What do you mean?
"That is what we termed in bengali- "কিসের মধ্যে কি, পান্তা ভাতে ঘি।”, which means- you will find even maths when they will published an advertisement in some local tablet for hiring a housemaid." 

Really?!? Thats interesting. 
But our advertisement is not falling into that category. We are not looking for a housemaid, but for a housewife for a educated person. Thus, the difference between the two's [maid and wife] are huge.
Now I have to repeat your question- Do you know the problems with the people having higher educational certificates? 

That's interesting too. They have taken their degrees on some particular subject, yet you will find them commenting on another [subject] pretending as an expert in which they have no knowledge. I find someone in QUORA, who was in science background and in a teaching profession in some university of USA [may be MIT Teacher]. And I found him writing articles on Qur'anic creation of human as free-willed. And his explanation! O my God!! Hahahaa... that was too funny, laymanish and purely public entertaining.  

Actually peoples are funny and entertaining except a few. I enjoyed much when highly educated person gives us entertainment. Thus I enjoyed Stephen Hawking. His funny "comments on God" on a question during a presentation on his book "Grand Design". 

This is 21st century, an era of science and technology, an era of reasoning. Why you need to comment on a subject in which you have no knowledge? Education freed us from ignorance, makes us logical reasoning. Yet most of us are STUPIDS. If you do not have any knowledge about something or you failed to reasoning logically, then asked him who have knowledge. What makes you thinking wisest?
Actually no one is wisest even when he is Stephen Hawking. The truth is- there is always some people wiser than others. And God is the wisest.  

As an educated person, you need to asked me for an explanation before commenting your - "পান্তা ভাতে ঘি ।” when you failed reasoning. Is not it?
Now let me explain why I used maths to the advertisement which is for renting a Housewife. Actually this math is to test the IQ of the applicant, ie. her sincerity, observation, response time, intelligence etc, and this is because I don't want to appoint a stupid as my Housewife. 

And you know, that math question instantly help me to asked her a series of question [such as- her job ending date, 1st celebration date, etc, etc] without letting her understanding that- she is facing an Interview

But you failed to understand; then is this because of my poor english? Or this purely lack of your knowledge?- we have to enquire. But before that, we need to know the reason that makes Hawking stupid. Can you explain?

"I am not sure, so you have to proceed." 
Ok, I am explaining. Actually, he fails resonating science with God, though he never failed resonating himself with science. And what about you? Do you consider yourself sound in your own profession? Or you going to down your university that certificates you as a professional? Hahaha...
Oh no!! I am joking.

However, bro, are you not an IT Professional?
Then please. write a program for a finite [time] series database management solution with the equation given in the advertisement.

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