Thursday, October 27, 2011

House Wife: the Model of Contractual Marriage in Future.

The social and familial bonding gradually demolishing on uprising demands of one’s self- independence. One can’t ever imagine the present situation at the early 19th century. Today, you are marrying someone fell in love, tomorrow, you will divorce kick her ass as a piece of shit. lol  

What is going to happen in future? Look at the Advertising Model, when a 22nd centurion young man will decided to marry for a enjoyable romantic and a peaceful familial life-

                                           RENT A HOUSE WIFE
An 18-20 yrs girl will be rented as House Wife for a short term. The incumbent should be beautiful, innocent appearanced with attractive figure. She must be talkative, sexy, notty (naughty) and equally romantic. The term period will be calculated in such a manner that she will get off days on every 3(three) months @ 0,1,2,3………days/month and will be considered dismissed on reaching 30 days per month. Salary, $550.00 per month with accommodation, clothing and fooding- absolutely free. 
House wife
If the incumbent found extraordinary (capable to give endless Joy and happiness like Niketa) on the 1st yearly job evaluation day, she will be awarded surprisingly and treated properly from the employer side as she really deserves. Even the Employer promises to bring her to the moon and back every moonlit night.
If she gives birth any child during the job period, the salary will be revised immediately after each birth on negotiate. 
Special Gift Hamper every year on the occasion of Joining day, Year ending day, Birthday and Gives birth day is an extra with 2(two) festival precious bonus presentation. 
No Punishment, no Harassment- but always warm welcomed with all the Sweetest Calling on earth viz.- Honey, Sweet Heart, My Darling, My Love etc. during her entire service period and an Peaceful environment will be created to feel her secured all the time will be assured.
If you think you deserve the position, apply now with a 3R full sized photograph to the address given below-
e-mail: .............................
For any queries, you have the option to chat with the employer with the id given as under-
  • Yahoo!  ...............
  • Gtalk:    ...............
  • MSN:      ...............
  • AIM:       ...............                                           
NB: Height less than 5’2”, Weight more than 55 kgs and under Matriculation (SSC) are discouraged to apply.

The  End.
Not Yet Corrected.

# A man Said, "Bro, Do you know what are the problems of those technical persons when they are doing odd jobs? 
They do exactly the same that you did, they use some maths in a Job Advertisement.

@ "Really!" I said, "but I used this math to test the IQ of the applicant, ie. her sincerity, observation, response time, intelligence etc, and this is because I donot want to appoint a stupid candidate as my House Wife. 

And you know, that math question instantly help me to asked her a series of question [Such as her job ending date, 1st celebration date, etc, etc] without letting her understand that she is facing an Interview

Or even I can test your professional quality too, O, Bro, are not you an IT Professional?
Then Pl. write a program for a finite series of database management solution with the equation given in the AD.

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