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Humanity: Who it Deserves- the Victim or the Oppressor?

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Dhaka, 09 Oct, 2011.
Sharia law. Have you any idea what it is?
Actually, the term sharīʿah refers to God’s immutable divine law and is contrasted with fiqh, which refers to its human scholarly interpretations. The primary range of meanings of the Arabic word šarīʿah, derived from the root š-r-ʕ, is related to religion and religious law. In the Qur'an, šarīʿah and its cognate širʿah occur once each, with the meaning "way" or "path". The word šarīʿah was widely used by Arabic-speaking Jews during the Middle Ages, being the most common translation for the word Torah in the 10th century Arabic Old Testament known as Saʿadya Gaon. The Arabic expression Sharīʿat Allāh ( "God’s Law") is a common translation for תורת אלוהים (‘God’s Law’ in Hebrew) and νόμος τοῦ θεοῦ (‘God’s Law’ in Greek in the New Testament [Rom. 7: 22]). In Muslim tradition, šarīʿah designates the laws or message of a prophet or God, in contrast to fiqh, which refers to a scholar's interpretation thereof.

Why God- the most merciful adopt Sharia law to the human? Is He benefited with this? 
"No, it is for human for their own benefit."
Yah, there is no loss or profit for God if a man becomes a Sinner or a Pious. God loves his creation, especially human beings as they are His Representatives to this world. He established a right path for them as guidance through the Prophets-His Messengers time to time that proves His Pityness on us. Shariah Law is one of the part of those Guidance. Humans are free to choose their way of life. They will be rewarded or punished for their own deed in this world and in the Hereafter.

Shariah law 1st adopted on Moses. After Moses, Joshua ibn Nun strictly follows the laws. Thus he killed all the arrested man, women, children even their domestic animals during wars. He also implemented "stone through death" penalty Publicly and Akhor was the 1st victim. He stole a piece of Gold and a woolen sheet from a temple during the War. David implemented shariah laws too. He behaved on arrested People in such a manner that one measurement get killed and forgiven the next, when they were forced to lie serially on the ground.

Thus, Muslims showed all their generosity, all their Humanity to the Victims and their Families that they surely deserves, but nothing to them those are Oppressor. This is, which they consider, the best Human Morality.

During Jesus Shariah Laws were not changed. He ordered People to follow Shariah laws strictly. He says, "He, who is not following a tiniest law abide by God, will be considered the lowest among all in the Heaven." He also defined the criteria of a judge for the implementation of the shariah law ie. "If you are not pure you have no right to judge anyone". During Muhammad the laws remains the same. "He should be killed who is a killer, but it is best to forgive. And, he who forgive someone, will be forgiven in the day of judgment."

8-Bangladeshi convicted for armed robbery and the murder of an Egyptian man in April 2007 and they were rewarded death penalties in the afternoon after Salat Asor on 8th Oct, 2011. I am feeling sorry for those alleged Persons, Iblis, the Satan successfully misguided them. Again, I am feeling sorry that they all are Bangladeshi, they are my brother. But I am not criticizing the Saudi Authority. I can understand that they had to do the Worst thing. Obviously, they are not feeling happy to kill 8 men. Actually, what should they could do? They had to do that job for the same reason which Allah-the most merciful ordered to do so. 

What is that reason? 
The reason is to realize the witnessed and the entire human society that the killing a human in a cool brain is the worst sin in the eyes of God. Do you ever think the impact of the incident on victim’s family? 

I am sure, the victim’s entire family member prayed to Almighty to do the same thing to those whom are killing their beloved brother helplessly in the night when he was in duty. One will understand it better if he consider the victim as his own loving brother, who is out of his sight in a long distance for a long time to earn some money to happy him and his family.

Muslims should be merciful as Allah is the most merciful. Muhammad teaches Muslims to be merciful. He forgave the killer of his own daughter Joinab. If I would be the brother of the Victim, maybe I will forgive those 8 lives. But, if I were appointed as Judge, I will do the same as Saudi Authority done. May be I would do much more, if I found the alleged are Muslims. My opinion is- Muslims should be punished double than that of non Muslims for the same charge or allegation, it is because they know the Truth and their knowledge based on Truth; in front of them, they have Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad- 4 great Muslims as a Symbol to follow, while non Muslims are tethered, they still remain in the dark in this modern age, in this Science and Technological Era, when everyone have all the facility to earn knowledge to realize or understanding the Eternal Truth.

The End.
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