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Muslims: What is the characteristics of a Muslim, too Stupid, too Daring, or Extraordinary!?

This is [that you are reading.] an article in which we describe a way of understanding or examining the state of "Knowledge Simulation" of any AI based computer.

"Is it? Then tell us how to simulate or integrate knowledge with an AI based computer."
Ok I will but could you tell us how to confuse the whole world?
"Confusing whole world in this 21st century? Wow! that's amazing. What! really?!?"

Yah, and its amazing no doubt but, have you any idea of the way of confusing all?
"No, I haven't any."
Not any? Then if I told you that there are ways, I mean technologies which one can be used against any Tech Giant to take control their business legally over the internet?
"What!?!Do you mean using extreme tech someone can do that? And, .. and that is even not known to any, I mean to any of the Tech Giant?"
That is exactly what I mean.

Are you kidding me?"

 No I am not. 
"Then who is that Heterogeneous... I mean Tech Giant Person?"
Say, it's me. And if I really throw a challenge to the whole world that I can take control over the internet and able to refrain a Tech Giant [say Google] from its net based business, then what shall be the answer of this world?
"Oh God! Are you not going to over predicting your ability?"
Is it? Then do you not believe in Science and Technology?
"Why not? This era already made a technological revolution through Alphabet, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, NASA, SpaceX and many more, and we are the witness of this revolution by using their service/product practically in our daily life."

Then you are not confident of my ability, isn't it?
"It's not that. Actually it came to my mind seeing the "Cumulative Effects". But... what is the fact, bro?"
The fact is, I am going to go in knowing exactly how well I am going to do and then I will have to prepare in all those areas I know I am weakest.
"Wow! But... isn't it going to cover a lot of fields, basically in Computer Science?"
Huu, but I am not going to cover all. I am letting you and others to challenge me throwing critical questions with a hope to kick my ass -which you may term as- "Scholastic Chemistry".

"What do you say?!?"
That is what I mean. And why not? You know, a play never be thrilled if not the game highly competitive. Thus we played previously a blind game during explaining the significance of our "al-Baqarah" article. 
"Oh Yeah, that was amazing. Even I did not have any idea where you going to reach, in the beginning of every section i were confused but you handle that in a better way. Did you planned before for an explanation in that way?"
Oh no! That was purely a blind game. I just throw arrow into the air aimlessly. The only thing on which we were confident is our truthfulness, and natural logical explaining power either Scripturaly or Scientifically. And don't try to be innocent, every time you spinned the ball to a different direction to make my way difficult- I observed it my dear. However what we are telling-

"Confusing the World. And what do you say?!? I made your way difficult there?!? Oh buddy, this article actually going to show you what is called "difficult". However, leave that and explain us your "confusing world". My God! you make me thrilled, really."
Wow! that's interesting. Then try your best for a difficulty- I love challenges. But first let me finished the article, or it will be too lengthy. Now, come to the point- like you, even the answers from Google CEO, NASA shall also be confused.
"How? Will you pl. explain?"
Look, definitely, the answer of this question is YES, or, NO. But the explanation of the answer ie. yes or no, will differ from one to another.
"How could be that? The answer that the question demands shall yes, or no, then, why do we need an explanation?!?"

Look, those who are only aware of my knowledge on religion, mainly, Judaism, Christianity and Islam- their answer will be- "NO", and their "NO" shall explain - "Though he is one of the best, but not the best of the best."

And those who have clear idea of my knowledge and wisdom, I mean knowledge on say, about my last 3 Articles [Psalms; Pharaoh, and al-Baqarah], their answer also shall be- NO, and their explanation shall be- "If we consider that he is the best knowledgeable man on Scriptures in the human history, yet not a man on Science and Technology."

And those who are clever one and found only a way to upgrade computer gaming to some extent, they will labeled me as STUPID, and thus their answer will be no, and if you even know that all of them found that technical path in my blog and you pointed that to them, even then they will consider you among those, who are stupid and shall answer thus, "We found it luckily in his article then, do you think he has any knowledge of this?"

And those who are among the clever one and when they were found all the stages that changes the gaming history forever, their answer also shall be no, and their explanation will be- "Suppose we found all the stages that changes really the gaming history, then how do you consider that he is aware of this? Do you have any proof of his any contribution in the IT sector or in the Gaming World? Or is he even known in those field in anyway? Most of all, if he aware any of this then why not he make papers, or patents? Hahahaha...oh buddy, now..... I can conclude about a truth.... that is,.... and of course concluded from your question that, "When a knowledgeable man like you could ask me a question like this, then it is "Absolute Truth" that the world is full of STUPIDS." 

And those Tech based organization who found a way changing computer language [which is binary now], and found a new way of making super computer [quantum based], which will change the technological history of world, bringing an abrupt change in all branch of the knowledge, and make them capable to build a computer with AI, then their answer will be- no, and their explanations shall be- "This is the capacity of IBM, NASA, Space X, Silicon Valley, Apple, Facebook and other Tech Giant, who have years of experience to do so, but is there any strong evidence or proof that a person without any Ph.D from the Indian subcontinent capable to do such?

"Then do you think, NASA still not having a computer with AI?!"
This is all about understanding. No computer is "Turing Completed" as it is not capable to perform infinite test. Actually, if a computer completed "n" number of TEST then we called it "Turing Completed", P = NP, where, N is a finite number.
"I do not understand what you actually mean?"

I mean if you say that a computer beat no. one chess master, then you can say, the computer is Turing Completed for chess only, not for all game and everything. We will discuss it in details in another article for "P vs NP" explanations of our previous "al-Baqarah" which still needed some explanations that we intentionally left-out there for a greater consequence. You know, we already showed the [general] Christians - how Muhammad is the mercy to them, but we left Christian Fathers [in Psalms [110:1] article] and Jews [in al-Baqarah article].

"Yah, I want to question you about that, it is actually about the rule by which you release general Christians in your "Psalms" article, this is because after reading that article even a Muslim may think that is your own judgement."
Hahaha..., is it? That's interesting. However, we will not discuss that here, but later, just remind me. Now, what we are talking about?!- Oh yah!-

Now the the case for stupids, what is their thought of me? Actually, we do not need their answers. We just focus on their Joys. ......... When they even understand that I can earn billion dollars any time I wish, but I am doing nothing, they are happy to think that they were never be among the stupids ever, the most stupidest among the mankind is that man- that is me.

"But I am also Confused. If you really able to earn Billion Dollars a decade ago, why you not do that?"
Good Questions. It is not that I do not need any money. I do not go in that way because I have no interest in earning money selling Verses. My goal is to help people understanding- "the Truth and the Absolute Truth". Actually, help them understanding how they are blocked in this "World of Illusions".
"Hahaha.... you are talking like Aliens."

Really! then you too confused. Hahaha..........

How I become a man with AI.

Actually, here, "A" means "Actual" [or, you may say "Absolute"]- as I am a human not a computer- where it means "Artificial".
"I see!! But, is CS [computer science] ever means "AI" for human!?!"
No, because human are labeled with "IQ" compared with other human, but no one ever compared human intelligence with computer. Actually human intelligence is interesting, it can block a powerful computer creating a situation as we did in our al-Baqarah article, but a computer itself can't create such situations. Do you know why?
Because, Computers have no practical experiences with the natural world through such unnatural situation, which is unique- one and only.
"One and only!!"
Sure, because, the said situation which a group of Human once experienced, shall never will happen again. However, what I am telling-

I was born in February 24, 1965, in Jessore- a District of Bangladesh [which liberated in 1971]. My father was a Service Holder. He bought a land in Jessore Sadar before liberation, and in 1975 [after the tragic death of our national leader Sk. Mujibur Rahman] he build our home there for a permanent settle.

It was the mid of 1976. My father took me to a nearby school
named- "Sammilani Institution" for a admission. I was intended to admit in class VIII. The Head Master [Shahadat Ali Ansari] denied to admit me in the middle of an academic year. My father try to convince him saying- "He is some kind Genius. Actually, his school life started with his two elder sister in class IV but his result never disappoint me." [Is this! Actually, I am not that kind of Genius which my father meant. I remembered my previous educational life. All credits are for Private Tutors, who actually made my life hell all the years.]

With this- the head master not much convinced as- every child to his father is extraordinary. However he looked straight to me for a few second and then asked me to spell- "lieutenant" and I was admitted in class VIII, section C. [Total student of our class [A+B+C]= 60x3 ie 180 nos. I take my seat in one of the last bench, it is because I always preferred to be "back-bencher" and it was always amusing and fun for me.]

From the early days of my life "I love to Read Books" I were habituated reading books because one of my Cousin who was an employee of -"Govt. Public Library." in Khulna dist. He always brought 10/15 books in every weekend for my Mother and Father, and I never left any- unreaded.

From the early hood, I dared to do things whatever the situation is. And all of my close friends [all are local] also like me. During tiffin period one of my classmate bet on me with a puzzle of six-matchsticks and told me that if I able to make 4 triangle with those sticks within a minute, he will award me 100 Taka, with in an hour 50, and if in the nest day then the reward will be Taka two and a cup of tea which is 30 paisa only.

I agreed and he bring-out a match box from his pocket and give me 6-sticks. He was a smoker and occasionally I taste cig. [STAR] from him.

I solve the puzzle with in a time that actually needs to construct it. Next day he was waiting in a tea stall where we regularly meet before attending classes. I asked him for my money and he gave that to me. Then I order a cup of tea for me. He asked- "What about  me?"

-"Are you damn desperate to be my friend?"
-"We  are surely friends."

Sammilani Institution on Google Earth.
I was sipping my tea looking a girl going to her School. Her dress color [pink cumise, white salwar, white orna] indicates that she is the student of Adarsha Multilateral Girls High School [in Bengali -Adarsha Balika Biddalay]" which was just adjacent to our School. Actually,  a 25' road [Ambika Basu Lane] that separates this two schools. He followed my eyes and then when his gaze fell on my face-I told him softly- "Bring her orna [scarff/dupatta] in return of your money [ie. 100 taka that he gives me] and our friendship."

He move forward and reach the girl gently and then picked her orna. It was neatly folded and stapled on her both shoulder. The girl moved 360 with a loud screaming and made a marathon towards her school leaving her books, shoes. The road was empty in that early hours of the day. So no one noticed the incident except the owner of the tea stall.

He throw the orna to the pond at the point of the incident and return to me I ordered two cups of tea for us. And then we move towards our School.

In the middle of the 1st period [each class of 45 minutes]- O my God! A girl with bare footed moving towards our Head Masters room accompanied with two Mistress.

I said to him softly- "We both clearly fucked up."
He said to me, "No, only me, if exposed everything."
I said, "Let us leave the class." and we both looking for a chance.

There are 4 peons in our school. One of them enter the class without permission of the teacher who is in his lecture. This is obviously against the rule. No one heard what the peon says to our teacher. But we both clearly understand what is going to happen. The teacher stops lecturing and told us- "No one will leave the class... before I leave." His voice was too rough.

We all are waiting. Then the girl entered our class room with a peon and starts to pass every row one by one with him. They passed us normally and nothing happened. We just released our breaths. The girl return to our class teacher and talked to him softly and then go out. Then suddenly 4 peons take position covering each door of our class. The teacher came to us and told him that he need to meet Head Master.

He asked - "Me?!?" He acted to be surprised and continued, "Right now?"
Teacher only said- "Move."
Oh!! The later story was so unpleasant, so pathetic and so remarkable to me!.


"So what?"
So we can wait and see what they do.
"What we will see and who to do what?"
All the tech giant [google, facebook, MIT, Amazon, github, linkedin, microsoft, wordpress, symantec, netflix, snapchat, ...., etc] hahaha..., are they only enjoyed our front-end [in languaged form, which may not grammatically corrected] or they included our backend [errorless codes that generated by the language written by us] too, hahaha... or, or, they only enjoyed "teen porn" with us. Hahaha... 

"If not, then?"
Then let them enjoy our back-end first. And later let them tell us which programming language we still left non upgrading position [without knowing single of them even nor using any of their so called "standard library"] so that we can touch them for their up-gradation [in/c their standard library].

Are we need Microsoft [for their operating system], Google or others [for their browser service], Amazon or IBM or others [for their Cloud service], or CSS or anything?

Are not we pegged Stephen Hawking as Stupid in our Python apps [you can find the apps in the languaged form in our article "rent a housewife"] which confidently [that the code generated by the language shall never be faulty even the language itself may not grammatically correct] rendered at run-time?

So basically we have nothing to learn from any but we can teach them. But the truth is- nobody learns. By the way, do you ever played x-box or google play?
Me too, but it developed in an interesting way, wow .... very interesting!! So, we may call all renown game developing company to develop game for applying our test. Hahaha..... Actually, peoples are funny [basically those are skilled in their field] I enjoyed them always. Hahaha.....
"You laughing!"
I am laughing with a thought- maybe [!?!] they already applied this test to their game.


# Note: I am not earning any penny from my works nor intend to do so. Its completely free for mankind for education and code checking [if there any to learn or check] not for business [but not restricted (for business) for those, who [person/organization] thinks- they capable to handle].

It is our advice not to use our "CODEs" [those for machine language, those web technologies even those are software] before we declare "complete". Because you do not know where we left something [unexplained] or situation demands to change some places in future. Actually, its a ongoing process. And surely, we capable changing "CODES" by changing formats even run time. Thus we never thought of protecting data [as it itself protective or we can able to do so].

We stops [for a period [unspecified]] because we need to clean net [from false data] and protect everyone [by protecting privacy and their personal data].

Feel free to asked me [if we failed to clarify in the above], or enjoy as DRAMA.

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